Paul Flores attacked in prison, condition not public

August 23, 2023

Deputy arresting Paul Flores


Update: Paul Flores was airlifted to a hospital after he was stabbed in the neck or his throat was cut.

Paul Fores was attacked today at Pleasant Valley State Prison and airlifted to a hospital. He was stabbed in the neck or his throat was cut.

Corrections officials transferred Flores from a prison in Kern County to the prison in Coalinga last week.

In Oct. 2022, a Monterey County jury found Flores guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Kristin Smart in 1996. Then in March 2023, Monterey County Superior Court Judge Jennifer O’Keefe rejected a motion made by Flores’s attorney for a new trial and sentenced Flores to 25 years to life in prison.

It is unclear the exact date Flores moved to Pleasant Valley State Prison. The Fresno County facility provides long-term housing for inmates of all custody levels.

Flores murdered Smart in 1996 during an attempted rape following a Cal Poly frat party. After the party, Flores helped escort Smart, who was found passed out on a lawn outside the party, back to her dorm room. She was never seen again.

The primary suspect in the case, Flores was sporting a black eye when interviewed by law enforcement, who determined he lied repeatedly. Even so, it would be years before deputies raided Flores’s home.

During a 2020 raid of Flores’ San Pedro home, deputies discovered multiple rape videos with titles including, “Drugged and raped while passed out” and “Blonde high school girl in skirt gets raped.”

Investigators also found two bottles of date rape drugs in Flores’s home, prosecutors said. In a file labeled “practice,” Flores stored homemade rape videos of himself having sex and sodomizing women.

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He was either flown to a Level III in Visalia, like Sierra Vista in SLO, or a Level 1 in Fresno. If I committed drug offense, or even a non-sexual violent crime, I could probably fit in and follow the rules. I actually hope he doesn’t die, yet. Ruben, not much of a father, could make things better if he gave Kristan’s location which we know he knows. But he will not.

One of this monster’s internet searches was “Real Drunken Girls — Drugged and Raped while Passed Out” and investigators found numerous videos of Flores doing just that. Kristin (RIP) wasn’t his only victim.

I do not feel sorry for him at all. #kharma

It is difficult to feel any sadness on his behalf. The only disappointment would be his death before we find out where he left Kristin’s body.

Good point. This slimebag’s father probably knows where Kristin’s body is also.

Prison justice has no 50 yrs of appeals they get the facts they issue the punishment so simple