Teens were intoxicated during vandalism at Paso Robles High School

August 20, 2023

Paso Robles High School, photo by Glen O’Hagan


The two 17-year-old students who smashed windows and damaged property at Paso Robles High School on Aug. 10 were intoxicated, according to their fathers.

With a week left before school was scheduled to start, the two teens, who had been dating for about 10 months, were drinking alcohol before they decided to go to the high school. Alarms then sounded in multiple classrooms, alerting Paso Robles police to the damage the teens were inflicting on the campus.

Officers arrived at the high school and located the couple, who attempted to run. But officers caught the teens, one of whom was in possession of a large hammer and a fire extinguisher.

At a cost of approximately $50,000, the Paso Robles Unified School District fixed the broken windows and cleaned up the campus before the first day of school, according to a press release.

Since then, the teens have been incarcerated in the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Services Center with charges of vandalism and burglary.

During a hearing earlier this month, a probation report suggested the teens go home, but prosecutors argued they remain in custody noting the cost of repairs was in the $100,000 range, the boy’s father said.

The teens are scheduled for a detention review hearing on Aug. 27.

As this is the teens’ first run in with the law, their parents are hoping they will be given diversion. Diversion programs usually include restitution, community service and a period of time where the subjects must stay out of trouble.

After successful completion of a diversion program, their cases will be dismissed and the arrest upon which the diversion program was imposed will be deemed to have never occurred.

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Not so fast, could their behavior be due a abusive episode with a teacher? My mind continually get’s expanded from what I read in the news.

The only reason these kids are in jail is because their parents don’t have the money for bond. I remember a certain developers kid who did significant damage to SLO High in the 90s. It wasn’t that kids first time in the paper and he sure as hell didn’t end up in handcuffs, let alone behind any bars.

My how times change. Used to be you took your date to a movie.

“After successful completion of a diversion program, their cases will be dismissed and the arrest upon which the diversion program was imposed will be deemed to have never occurred”.

In other words, zero consequences.

I hope at the very least their parents have to pay for the damages.

It’s hardly “zero consequences”. These are teenage kids who have literally been imprisoned since the incident. Children in jail over property damage? The part about it being expunged from their record comes at the end of the process AFTER they’ve not only met the terms of their punishment, but have also stayed out of trouble.

Sounds like you are pushing for forgiveness because they were intoxicated and teenagers. We need to get away from saying they were only kids and didn’t know what they were doing and we don’t want to ruin their future. I believe that’s why the young people today have no respect for this country or the feelings of others

It sounded like they asked for diversion. Especially the part where they asked the court for diversion.

Fifteen days in the can might help improve their values.