Councilman John Hamon appointed mayor of Paso Robles

September 7, 2023

Paso Robles Mayor John Hamon


Councilman John Hamon was appointed mayor of Paso Robles by unanimous vote during a special meeting on Thursday night. Hamon replaces longtime mayor Steve Martin, who passed away last month.

The council then discussed whether to hold a special election or appoint a new councilman to fill Hamon’s council seat. Candidates must be registered voters who live in District 1.

The board agreed to open up the appointment process to the public with a 10 day period to accept applications. On Aug. 26, the board will hold a special meeting to interview applicants.

Then on Oct. 3, the city will swear in the new council member whose seat will be up for election in Nov. 2024.


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Just what Paso needs… someone looking out for their best interests, not the people who call Paso Robles home.


Hamon Overhead doors required in all new city housing developments, yipeee.

Well done.