Director of jazz studies at Cal Poly accused of sexual harassment, resigns

September 26, 2023

Arthur White


Following student allegations of sexual harassment in the spring, Cal Poly’s director of jazz studies resigned his position. An investigation into the allegations is ongoing. [Tribune]

Multiple Cal Poly students accused Arthur White of sexual misconduct that included professing his love, stalking and making sexual comments. While the students lodged a complaint in the spring, White resigned on June 22.

White has a history of resigning amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

In 2016, several students at the University of Missouri accused White of sexual harassment and assault. After leaving that position, White started at Cal Poly in 2018.

In August, White started a new job as an associate dean at Emporia State University in Kansas. He resigned that position on Sept. 22.


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Wait!!! We had a director of jazz studies?

It’s called a google search employers. Use it!

These are the people teaching are kids even in the lower grades and due to the Teachers Union you can’t fire the bad teachers and they make a deal to quit if the schools don’t tell on them so they continue on their sick ways DISGUSTING !!! When you hide this info all you do is protect the sicko

College professors are not unionized.

That’s not true. The CSU faculty union is California Faculty Association:

Sounds like Emporia State University figured it out. When a resignation deal is made the two caveats are I won’t sue you and you will disclose none of my personnel records, in which case I can and will sue you. As a former manager I got some HR training. For references, you can answer only questions regarding period of employment, job description, compensation, and whether the person would be eligible for rehire. You can say “no” to the last question but cannot say why.

This story is troubling and it appears he has victims in a few states. He is a sly one resigning from positions before he can be terminated thus leaving a clean path for future employment.

Another educator with a hidden past, just as with most sexual predators, once a predator always a predator, the union and officials needs to stop protecting and hiding these criminals and allowing them to just move on to another situation to do the same thing.

A Jazz Band is like a good Blues Band falling down a flight of stairs. Could be that follows with the discipline.

How does this creep keep getting rehired. This habitual predator should be an associate dean in some nice sex offender prison.

“White has a history of resigning amid allegations of sexual misconduct.” Yet universities just keep hiring him…………