Owner of SLO woman’s gym accused of peeping in window

September 1, 2023

Cole Corrigan


The owner of a gym in San Luis Obispo where a spy camera was recently discovered hidden in a bathroom, was arrested following a peeping Tom incident in Los Osos more than a decade ago.

Last month, a 22-year-old pregnant woman found a GoPro camera concealed in a white towel placed in a mop bucket in a woman’s restroom at CCC Fitness. Even though the gym’s owner Cole Corrigan asked Maria and Zach Lerno not to call law enforcement, they did.

An officer then went to the gym, took the camera and opened an investigation. This is not Corrigan’s first run-in with law enforcement.

In 2006 and 2007, a Los Osos teen would regularly see a face peering in her window at night, she told a CalCoastNews reporter. While deputies would find beer cans, chew containers and footprints outside the teen’s window, the peeping Tom always left before deputies arrived. CalCoastNews is not naming the now 35-year-old victim.

In 2007, the teen’s brother saw a “black hoodie, white undershirt, denim jean wearing man leap over our 6-foot fence, easily like a professional hurdler and begin his escape.”

The teen grabbed a bat, and she and her brother gave chase as the peeping Tom ran across Los Osos Valley Road.

“He ditched his jacket in front of Carlock’s Bakery, exposing his biceps which were easily the size of my thigh, cut through the back alley that’s now Starbucks and that’s about when we ended up making contact with someone in the Vons’ parking lot to call 911,” the victim said.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Deputies arrived and set up a perimeter. They eventually located Corrigan by the Ralph’s parking lot, the victim said. She then recognized Corrigan as a former elementary school classmate.

Deputies arrested Corrigan and were able to obtain an emergency restraining order for the victim the next morning, the victim said.

About a week later, a naked Corrigan, who appeared to be under the influence, was spotted about five blocks from the teen’s home, she said. Corrigan was injured when he fought off seven deputies who pepper sprayed, shot beanbags, used batons and tasered him. He was later charged with felony resisting arrest.

CalCoastNews attempted to get records of five misdemeanor and two felony cases against Corrigan which include transporting a controlled substance, loitering on someone’s property to commit a crime, DUI and public intoxication. However, “pursuant to Government Code 68152(c) F000409453; M000422159; M000408959; F000403542; M000391747; M000391207,” courthouse staff previously destroyed the records.

If you have further information about this or other filming incidents please contact reporter Karen Velie at (805) 234-1703.

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This guy Cole must suffer from penis envy.

Yep, everyone knows that the ‘roids shrink it like no one’s business.

In my opinion anyone hyper focused and going to the extremes of fitness typically has other issues. The exercise is almost more of an exercise of control more than anything else.

Keep in mind I stated “extremes” as in; excessive dieting, steroid/drug use, etc etc. Not everyone in the gym lol

Not to state the obvious but shouldn’t there be some sort of a background check for someone opening a gym that caters exclusively to women?

Only as good as the background inforamtion, bad cops, teachers, government employees are able to have their bad deeds hidden so as to not impact their ability to obtain another job in a different area.

Clearly, local government doesn’t make it a condition of employment for public school teachers and coaches, why would they bother for gym owners?

Public School Teachers are required to be be fingerprinted and cleared through the DOJ and the FBI per California Education Code §44340 & §44341.

This guy is right up there with the dude who buried himself below the women’s port-a-potty at the Morro Bay campgrounds back in the day. Or also reminiscent of the kid who porked the pig in a Cal Poly lab while on camera. The pig was seen smoking a cigarette after the proceedings.

It was Montana de Oro. And pig was pre-camera, especially at the Swine Unit, a teacher and two students walked in on him. My neighbors made t-shirts depicting the latter with the circle and slash, don’t do this. The silkscreens were hung on clotheslines between trees at Mustang Village to dry. I think they made $3,000 over Poly Royal weekend.

Corrigan and his gym need to experience an early bankruptcy.

Pretty boy will be very popular in prison.

There is a pretty good chance there were multiple cameras hidden throughout that gym, and I’m sure the police are already all over that as a possibility. What a great guy! So committed to helping women and he opened up a woman’s only gym just so they could all feel safe and comfortable. What a piece of work this guy is… There will be much more coming out about this guy as everything unfolds…

Seems pretty obvious whose camera it was. Lock the pervert up.

The parkour peeper. Lovely.