Santa Margarita teen arrested for robbery

September 8, 2023


A 15-year-old from Santa Margarita is in custody after he brandished a gun while trying to steal a bicycle on Thursday afternoon.

Shortly after 3 p.m., a caller reported a Hispanic male attempted to rob him at gunpoint. The would be thief then ran towards several local schools.

Out of an abundance of caution, both Atascadero High School and North County Christian School were placed on lockdown.

An officer found the suspect on Nacimiento Avenue. Officers later found a pellet gun wrapped in a black beanie near a backpack belonging to the suspect.

The officer then transported the teen to San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Services Center on a robbery charge.

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Hopefully this person will be able to turn his life around asap. This ton of stupidity will be heavy lifting if not cleared up real fast.

Yes hopefully, but the current laws don’t encourage a positive change in behavior. He is a minor, so nothing will show up on a rap sheet. Unless the bike was valued at over $950 it will be dropped to an infraction if prosecuted at all and nothing will happen to him. The robbery charge will be plea-bargained down or dropped altogether. He will be bragging about this later. Sad but true.