SLO police identify firearm thief who rammed Prius into Big 5

September 26, 2023

Michael Giovanni Benadiba


San Luis Obispo Police have identified the burglar who  rammed his Prius into a Big 5 Sporting Goods store early Saturday morning as 25-year-old Michael Giovanni Benadiba.

Shortly before 2 a.m., Benadiba crashed his Prius into the Big 5 located in the Marigold Center on Broad Street. Benadiba left his car crashed into the building and the seven rifles and ammunition he allegedly stole in an adjacent field. The guns remained attached to a store shelf by security cables.

While officers recovered all of the weapons, the suspect had fled the scene. Officers determined the Prius belonged to Benadiba.

Further investigation showed that Benadiba had been in Big 5 the previous day and had stolen a pellet gun. Items recovered in the Prius were found to be from an unreported commercial burglary in SLO.

Investigators are asking anyone with information regarding the incident or Benadiba’s location call Detective Inglehart at (805) 594-8074 or Crime Stoppers (805) 549-7867.

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This repeat offender is too low on the I.Q. Bell Curve to comprehend that stores have cameras?

This guy is handicapped. What I wonder, and hope, is that advancements like Musk’s neurolink will “fix” criminal behavior such as this. Imagine in the future, challenged criminals like this guy will be outfitted with a device that will stop stupid acts before they happen. Yes, I know it’s scary, but imagine a world where career criminals can be turned into harmless “do gooders”. It’s like A Clockwork Orange only better!

Demonstrating yet more sheer brilliance by wearing the mask as a chin support…

Sounds more like a mental issue than a simple criminal one. I would agree that this guy is an unlikely candidate for reform, and that he should be sequestered in an environment where he is no longer a possible danger to the public. I say this because he is obviously escalating to deadly weapons, which can only end one way.

Wait, he used his own car? Quick, someone call MENSA!

Stupid is funny, but stupid with an arsenal is very scary. He should not be allowed to vote or breed.

Same brainiac who burned down the SLO high computer lab in 2016 and then got caught shoplifting in 2019:

Thanks for pointing this out. Apparently society is as stupid as this guy is. He’s dumb and dangerous and keeps being let go. Only a matter of time until he kills someone.

Not really a bright guy. He owns a Prius after all. ;o)

There are way way too many angles to write on this story.

A Prius owner stealing guns!

He left his car (registered to him) and ran away!

They found the 7 guns still attached to the store shelf laying in the field!

Wow, I am already too exhausted to try to make sense of this crime. I do know that this guy needs to be locked up for his own protection. He is really too stupid to be loose in public!