Cannabis infused gummies sicken Santa Maria students

October 31, 2023


Five students at El Camino Junior High School in Santa Maria felt unwell after eating cannabis infused gummies on Monday.

Initially, school nurses attempted to care for the students. School administrators then called paramedics to help the students.

All of the students felt better after receiving medical care.

The middle school plans to host a drug education night on Nov. 7 in the school cafeteria.


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Should be illegal to lace candy, sweets and the like with intoxicating drugs.

Lock the parents up .

Back in the day there was a saying, “The high school kids have the best weed”. However, that was quite some time ago, and things have radically changed. Some scientific estimates place current potencies at 10X that of the material available in the ’60’s. Given that a significant number of adults are employing less than perfect judgement about the use of such a product, what can we expect when kids that young get hold of it?

Luckily, it was likely to have only given them a scare, without doing real harm. But it is an excellent idea to use this as a teachable moment, to make them aware of how it should actually be used. That as opposed to the experimentation that they will otherwise inevitably do. Many may decide to skip it entirely, at least for the present.

As for whomever sold it to them, there needs to be accountability there.

Feeling “unwell” seems a just punishment. Kind of like when Grandad forced us to smoke a cigar after he found us smoking ciggies. A good puking never hurt anyone. Hopefully these children will stay away from cannabis from now on.

My Dad tried that with me at a very young age…

…I love my daily cigar to this day :)

Even as a staunch supporter of the cannabis industry, I will say; the packaging and flavors associated with modern weed brands needs to be addressed. Many of them seem to almost target minors with their fun flavors and goofy charactery packaging. A brown bag would do just fine. Same thing that happened to tabacco and vapes WILL happen with weed too after more of these incidences imo. Just a matter of time.

But the tobacco industry never did that, despite all the hoopla we’ve heard over the years. The “Marlboro Man” massaged our desire for rugged adventure. NASCAR racing did the same. Beautiful women at glamorous parties appealed to those…not so glamorous.

They never used clowns, fruit flavors, and rainbow colors to entice children.

And, before you mention the Flintstones, that was an adult orientated show, with adult situations Fred seemed to find himself in every week.

Huh? Have you heard of candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars, joe camel, vaping?

Snickers bars didn’t really make you laugh. Mars bars did not come from Mars. Frito’s were not the staple of Mexican bandits.

You’re point, is not what you think it is.