Grover Beach police catch another car thief

October 12, 2023


Grover Beach Police arrested another vehicle thief on Thursday, this one was discovered hiding in a backyard.

Shortly before 1 p.m., officers warned residents in the area of Oak Park Boulevard and Nice Avenue that they were looking for a suspected car thief, who was last seen in backyards in the area, according to a social media post. During the search, officers asked members of the public to stay inside.

Officers  eventually located the suspect in a backyard shed and arrested him, police said.

For more than six months, Grover Beach Police Department personnel have successfully tracked down stolen vehicles with the use of a drone and then arrested multiple alleged car thieves.


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As long as the PD uses drones for a crime in progress, I have no problems with them.

But as soon as we read “…police were conducting a random search this afternoon, and found what looked like someone doing something they didn’t like…”, is where the line of necessary police work, and personal liberty gets crossed.

They will never admit to using the drone for random searches, but be assured they are, possibly allowing say the city to review the footage for permit issues, anything to generate more revenue to feed the bueracracy. What we most often hear from cities is how they are trying to increase revenues not how they are cutting costs.