Power outage impacting nearly 2,000 SLO County residents

October 12, 2023


Nearly 2,000 PG&E customers lost power in southern San Luis Obispo County on Thursday afternoon.

At 3:41 p.m., 1,902 PG&E customers in Pismo Beach, Edna Valley and the Lopez Lake area lost power. PG&E estimates the power will be restored by 7:15 p.m.

The cause of the outage remains under investigation.

Following multiple large fires, PG&E put in a “fast trip” feature that automatically shuts off power when an object strikes a line in order to prevent equipment-sparked wildfires. Because of this, a tree branch or a bird hitting a wire can lead to a power outage.

Once an outage occurs, crews embark on a lengthy inspection process of all wires in the area, which must take place during daylight hours.

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How about PG&E installing more of these devices so that a incident, tree branch, bird, wind or whatever, effects a smaller area and fewer people and takes less time to inspect the affected area? They certainly should have the money given our electric rates.

With this level of caution, the electricity will be cheap or free with solar panels but the cost of transmission lines, that segregated portion on your bill of decades ago, will eventually be very costly. Off the grid will be coming back.

You are correct sir, The fee for transmitting electrical power is based on the cost. Then a percentage is added for profit. Thus, the more they spend on call outs, helicopter rides to look at the lines after a braker is reset, tree trimming contractors sitting in their trucks and inspectors looking at power poles over and over the more they can charge the customer.

Can you imagine having to call an electrician and a helicopter before trying to reset a circuit braker at home?