How do you get emergency help during SLO County cell phone outage?

October 3, 2023


A large number of people in southern areas of San Luis Obispo County are unable to make cell phone calls on Tuesday afternoon because of a widespread outage.

The San Luis Obispo County Office of Emergency Services is working to find the cause of the outage. It is not yet known precisely which local areas or phone services are impacted.

People seeking emergency help in the impacted areas can use a landline, “send an iMessage by texting 911 (an operator will confirm), or locate a public safety official,” the county tweeted.

CalCoastNews will provide updates as information becomes available.

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If you plug in a landline phone, in CA, you can still dial 911 if/when cell service is out.

We haven’t had a landline in almost 15 yrs but it’s good to keep an old rotary phone on hand.

Oh, I don’t think deregulation thought about that? Now that we have cut our landlines, vulnerability is a very good topic and can be mitigated, if required to?

Wonder what would happen if cell & internet networks went down state-wide or country-wide for a couple weeks.

Trees would get trimmed, trash would get cleaned up, people would be seen walking the local trails, the beaches would be full, kids would be playing in the parks, we would all lose a few pounds. I lived without internet for about the first 50 years of my life—it was a calmer time.