Join rally for Israel in San Luis Obispo

October 10, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Jewish community mourns the tragic events in Israel.  Hamas has executed and captured hundreds of Jews and the Israeli government is planning its response.

Many of us await to hear from our relatives in Israel who must endure this unnecessary and unprovoked attack by the terrorist group Hamas and we ask- what can I do?

We request the wider community to join with us, together, in this time of tragedy and demonstrate support for the State of Israel. Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or any other religion, or none at all, please join us this Thursday, Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. at Mitchell Park in SLO.

At 6:15 we will walk respectfully through the Farmers Market on Higuera Street demonstrating to the community our support for the State of Israel in its time of strife. If you have an Israeli flag, please bring it.

Afterwards, we will meet at Mission Plaza.

Our hearts are in Israel. Am Yisrael Chai. The people of Israel live.

This event is sponsored by the Jewish community of the Central Coast- Congregation Beth El, Ner Shalom and Ohr Tzafon; Chabad of SLO and Cal Poly and Chabad of Paso Robles; Hillel of Cal Poly; The JCC of SLO; StandWithUs in SLO

For further information, contact Gordon Mullin  at (805) 235-5098.


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I attended a government training a couple of week ago and the topic of EQUITY training was discussed. Given that training and that no money is moving during the broken congress period, maybe we should list all the world needs, from Africa to New Zealand and see who gets what we can afford to give? I’ve seen videos of people who were denied donated food so that they would starve to death (many thousands), then piled up and bull dozed into a land fill. When you think something is bad, there seems to be even greater evil elsewhere.

Hell no. Israel is the aggressor here and all of this is their fault.

You’re either joking or are blinded by hate and have a heart of stone.

my sorrow for all people’s terrorized by radical Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus and all religious organizations linked or used to guise most war and atrocity dictated by elites and defense manufacturing.

The Gaza Strip has a population of 2 million people in a land area 4% of SLO County, and 4 generations deep in poverty, UN aid, and 80% unemployment. What else are you going to think about all day?

They were given a prosperous and fertile city and lands, where they could live and do business like the rest of the world. They chose not to.

The first thing they did, was strip all of Gaza of anything valuable and sell it. Since they sold and destroyed most of the farming equipment, and killed all the livestock, they have been without reliable sources of food since.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are sent from around the world every year. More than enough to be OUT of poverty or unemployment. They choose to steal it for themselves, and buy weapons.

5 times, Israel said they would give them plenty of land and resources, if they would simply lay down their arms, and acknowledge Israel’s right to existence. They refused.

Israel, thinks about this every day.

calling everyone a terrorist who is oppressed by terrorists.

How about thinking about how to resolve the situation without hunting, targeting, killing and celebrating the deaths of civilians, including children?!?

Will any of the peace loving Muslims of our community be in attendance? They’ve been pretty quiet thus far. I wonder why.

This is so heartbreaking! I can’t be there in person, but we have been in near-constant prayer for Israel and all those suffering and terrified.

A “factor likely behind the timing of the attack is recent political turmoil in Israel, say analysts. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been seeking to curtail the authority of Israel’s Supreme Court in the wake of probes into corruption allegations against him, sparking mass protests. “There is a sense among Israel’s adversaries that it [Israel] “has never been more divided, never been weaker, never been more torn apart,” James Stavridis, a former commander of NATO, told NBC News.”

We can learn from this.

A hyper partisan 2024 will soon be upon us. I suggest turning off one-sided media, quit social media groups, drop biased websites. Walk away from those spouting overthrowing the gov’t or conspiracies. Be an American first, last and always.

As a Catholic I will be there and I hope the pastors of ALL the churches will be there dressed in appropriate religious garb.