Oceano CSD director slapped with violation for illicit sewer hookup

October 10, 2023


An Oceano Community Services District board member allegedly connected a recreational vehicle to the district’s water and sewer systems without the proper permits and in violation of multiple San Luis Obispo County regulations, according to a Sept. 20 notice of violation.

After receiving a complaint that there were people living in a recreational vehicle with illicit hookups at the home of Oceano CSD Director Beverley Suneson, county code enforcement staff opened an investigation, staff said. While at Suneson’s home, county staff determined that people were living in the vehicle in violation of several county codes.

In addition, the investigator determined the recreational vehicle was illicitly hooked up to sewer and water connections, also in violation of county codes.

The county ordered Suneson to “cease the use of the RV for habitation, to remove sewer and water connections, return the RV to a state of storage, and to obtain a demolition permit for the unpermitted sewer connection used by the RV,” according to the notice of violation.

Even though Suneson removed the recreational vehicle from her property, she told CalCoastNews that no one was living in the vehicle and that it was not hooked up to sewer or water.

The Oceano CSD serves 7,600 residents and business owners in the unincorporated communities of Oceano and Halcyon with sewer and water services.

County staff sent a copy of Suneson’s notice of violation to the Oceano CSD, which plans to discuss the issue at an upcoming meeting on Oct. 11.


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This is what happens when you point the finger. I say charge her for a permit and extra connection and keep it contiguous with the property. It would be good to have someone around to keep an eye on things.

Annex Oceano now!

It’s amazing that there’s more interest (comments) on this story than yesterdays bombshell about the embezzlement that went on for years and cost the ratepayers an untold amount.

Many are pessimistic on there being any real consequences for the embezzlement, thanks to many in history, such as John Wallace who stole several millions and received a slap on the wrist. Likely Charlie Grace will receive the same sweetheart deal from our DA who is very soft on white collar criminals.

By way of update, there was no “sweetheart deal” for Charles Grace and his company. See the DA’s website for the press release. Seven-plus years of his contracts with San Simeon were found to violate conflict-of-interest laws. He admitted conflict of interest, paid a large fine, was required to pay sizable legal fees, and was prevented from further bidding on San Simeon’s business. In short order, the new San Simeon board majority terminated his contract and replaced all his services. The DA prevailed despite Grace’s use of a fancy LA law firm with $550 to $750/hr attorneys. One should not mess with DA Dow and his public integrity unit.

Without jail time or a very large financial penalty, Grace can just move on to another location and do the same thing and as an example a stronger consequence would help make others think twice before doing the same thing, no matter how you look at it, a fine far less than than the millions he stole over the years does little to prevent this type of crime and is going soft by our DA.

The district investigated the embezzlement and then took the issue to the DA. In this case, a woman on the Oceano water and sewer board violated water and sewer regulations. This is like a cop committing a crime, a bigger issue because of who they are.

Show me the District “regulation” that was violated. The letter from the District doesn’t cite an Ordinance.

Julie, What I find funny is that if it was Director Gibson or Director Austin, you would jump on the opportunity to crucify them for this but because it is Director Suneson, you seem to think there is no violation. She was illegally tapped into a sewer line as well as having the used a residence for a family member. While I do not think that there is an ordinance within the district for the occupation of the rv but I am quite sure there is a ordinance for tapping into a sewer line with no reporting to the OCSD or county.

Also this is the sewer regulation that was violated.

9.14.010 Violation Unlawful

It shall be unlawful for any person to connect to, construct, install or provide, maintain and/or use any other means of the sewage disposal from any building within District except by connection to a public sewer in the manner as provided by this title, when the public sewer has been constructed and accepted for use and is available within 200 feet of the property containing said building.

How about a fine?, plus the costs to send out personel for follow up inspections, wouldn’t that happen to regular folks?

Interesting I read about the county offering homeless $1,000 to move their RVs to private property. But it’s against County code to have an RV on your property if it is not registered in your name unless your property is designated an RV park, campground or the like.

“Rules for thee but not for me”

Many people have sewer connections for dumping their RV’s after vacation, is it really that big of deal!!!

Drive around the County and you will see homeless people living in RV’s and dumping their sewage on the ground, where’s the outrage!!!

I was born and raised in this County and my bedroom was a travel trailer in my parents back yard, we were poor and I was lucky to have my own bedroom/RV!!!

From what it looks like on the violation paperwork online, she did not have a sewer connection to dump in, they tapped into their home sewer line and created a connection. when they connections are done right, there is limited risk for a sewer overflow or leak. Yes, the homeless do it all the time throughout our county, which is another issue in itself. I think an issue people have with this is the Mrs. Suneson is an appointed director for the OCSD and it reflects poorly on her that this has happened and can cause the public to not trust her decisions made for the district if she is having an illegal sewer connection, with someone living in the RV trailer, while committing various code violations which unfortunately cost her money in fines and repairs, but also tax dollars for the code enforcement to respond to the multiple calls regarding this situation as well as having to return to reinspect to make sure all violations were fixed.

The sewer connection itself probably wasn’t the violation, sleeping or living in a RV is a Code violation!

It’s illegal to use a RV as a living space anywhere in this county, unless your homeless of course!!

Elected representatives are people too, and trying to house a loved one should not be a crime!!!

I don’t know how this Director can sit on a board that is meant to provide the community of Oceano with water and sewer and turn around and illegally hook into the sewer system and basically illegally dump waster into the system and not pay for the service. Which is technically stealing from the district she swore an oath to serve. I would love to know if she did in fact receive a permit for removal of the illegal sewer line and if the county came out and inspected the area to make sure that there was not contamination of the soil or sewer spillage, which could be a major health issue. I believe that the Board of Directors needs to have Director Suneson removed from her appointed position on the board for her actions and her dishonesty regarding this matter. How can the community trust a director to make discissions for them while she had no problem violating the county codes and laws all while illegally hooking into a sewer system and not paying for the service (STEALING).

I wouldn’t go so far as to say illegal and stealing.

She owns the property and pays for sewer and water service. Therefor these are code violations, and nonpermitted usage to her property, just like water heater replacement, air conditioning or heating unit replacement, drain repair, lighting, electrical panel replacement all require a building permit.

Don’t point your finger unless you are sure you have not violated the code yourself.

Except that she was illegally tied into a sewer line with no permits and looks to be a DIY job from the pictures in the violation report that the OCSD has in their agenda packet. While I understand that many of us do things without proper permits, this issue if it is not done right can cause its own set of issues like contamination of the soil from human waste which is huge health problem and can get into the water supply via the ground water which these end up having to be reported.

Pictures speak louder than words. If you can believe a word she’s saying…… seems to me its time to get her off of the Oceano CSD