SLO man claimed he was the antichrist, sentenced to prison

October 13, 2023

Jonathan Oscar Davis


A 48-year-old man, who has claimed to be the antichrist, was sentenced on Thursday to eight years in prison for touching a young girl at Bath and Body Works in downtown San Luis Obispo.

Convicted child molester Jonathan Oscar Davis has been in and out of prison for more than two decades. Dubbed a violent felon, Davis had repeatedly touched young girls in stores in San Luis Obispo.

In 2001, Dacis was convicted of first-degree burglary, which is considered a violent felony.

In 2007, a judge found Davis guilty of annoying or molesting a child under the age of 18. The judge also required him to register as a sex offender.

In June 2018, Davis was arrested after he rubbed the hair of a 10-year-old girl inside Sephora in downtown SLO. Officers then received four more reports of Davis touching other young girls in the downtown area.

During his 2019 trial, Davis told San Luis Obispo Judge Matthew Guerrero that his actual name was “the antichrist.” Guerrero then asked the defendant whether he had ever been known as Jonathan Oscar Davis.

“There is no such person,” Davis said. “There is only the antichrist, the son of Satan.”

On Aug. 19, 2023, Davis followed a 10-year-old girl into a store, grabbed her buttocks and attempted to pick her up. Davis pleaded guilty and was sentenced on Thursday to eight years in prison.


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8 years is a joke because, unfortunately, there is no cure for pedophiles. The only thing the government can do is to lock them up and warehouse them.

Not only that, but he will be out in four years for “good behavior.” Disgusting.

So in 8 yrs or less when this guy is out somebody else’s child and the family will have to experience the same devastation as his other victims. If somebody with a decades long history of being a pervert refers to themselves as the son of Satan the judges and prosecutors should probably believe them and not allow them to freely roam around in society ever again.

Anti-Christ, Son of Satan … another weird version. How about “I am a pervert”?

This is exactly why we don’t watch weirdo sadistic movies.

80 years would have been more appropriate.