SLO County DA sues auto parts company for overcharging customers

October 4, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has filed a lawsuit against Carquest Auto Parts alleging the automotive parts company routinely overcharged customers.

Prosecutors filed the suit in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court. The Santa Barbara County and San Diego County district attorney’s offices have joined the lawsuit.

Carquest stores carry a wide variety of aftermarket auto part products for domestic and import vehicles. The SLO County DA’s Office alleges Carquest routinely charged consumers an amount that was more than what was advertised on store shelves.

County weights and measures inspectors conducted inspections of Carquest stores between 2017 and 2021. Carquest overcharged an average of 12% on the items inspectors purchased, according to the suit.

In July 2023, officials conducted inspections on 43 company-owned stores in 20 California counties. More than 90% of the stores failed their inspections, with inspectors being charged more at the register than the advertised price for 23% of the items they purchased.

Many of the items were incorrectly priced in stores throughout California, indicating a systemic shortcoming in Carquest’s pricing procedures, prosecutors say.

The SLO County DA’s Office suit alleges Carquest violated California’s Consumer Protection Laws related to unfair business practices and false advertising. The DA’s office is seeking that Carquest and its subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies comply with state law. Prosecutors are also asking for a court-ordered injunction requiring compliance and civil penalties.

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I’ve been noticing some stores don’t post prices on all items. Are there requirements for them to do so?

Totally explains that $30 10mm socket I lost…

Okay. Now for every single other industry since the “pandemic” threw a wrench into society… It’s truly gotten out of hand.

Last time I went to Carquest was for a 4157 taillight bulb. I was waiting for the invoice when the guy just waived me off, not worth the time. 100% undercharge, but a less than $2 item. He probably would have come out to the parking lot if I didn’t have the knowledge to replace it. I like Carquest. I will keep an eye the receipt going forwards.