SLO County information technology employee suspected of theft

November 15, 2023


A San Luis Obispo County employee who works in the Information Technology Department is suspected of running a longtime scam in which he purchased products and then either sold or kept the items for his own use, according to county sources.

After discovering the possible theft, county administrators placed the man on administrative leave while they investigated purchases he made and what happened to the items. Investigators then provided the evidence to law enforcement.

On Tuesday, District Attorney’s Office investigators raided the employee’s home and office. County officials are withholding the name of the employee, citing the ongoing criminal investigation.


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This is no conspiracy, it is an idiot who used his county credit card to purchase something(s) not related to his position or other county-related business.

His/her parents failed to teach their child that “stealing” is wrong, that is all, and whoever it is will face the consequences for their actions as an adult too

This is sadly called (for them and their family) “Learning the Hard Way”, period!

Tip. Of. The. Iceberg.

Employee theft is rampant.

It is rumored that as the sheriff took him away, he stated “this isn’t right I am a union boss and all the IT equipment I have been selling on craigslist came from my family farm.” Guess, he thinks that because that defense worked in the City that it should work for him. In the private sector, during an investigation into theft of company resources you are placed on non-paid leave if you are lucky, but in government the crooks get paid for 6 months or more while the investigation takes place. By then the culprit finds a new job. In Monterey, a regional manager is placed on administrative leave following known substance abuse, comes back and then in short order is out again on paid leave to undergo treatment and to address other criminal acts. In Salinas, a manager who is a convicted felon is hired, oh wait this is a standard in local government hiring experienced convicted criminals. For more, just review all the articles of criminals outed because of Calcoastnews – great job…

From SLO County’s website: “Technology supports the County’s continuous improvement by making government more accessible, efficient, and ACCOUNTABLE.”

I really hope this greedy county employee is held -accountable- but won’t hold my breath.

Why is anyone surprised? The guy probably heard about Adam Hill’s antics for years and decided to cut himself a piece of the action. What’s good for the boss seems to be good for the employee at the county building.

Time to stop these paid vacations, make these employees go to work, sit at a desk for their allotted time, no interactions, then go home as normal. Then take as long as necessary for the investigation.

Knut, that’s not a good idea having them in the office. They could compromise the investigation. By having access to employees, possibly hear some information pertaining to the case, and cover things up. Having direct access to computer network wouldn’t be good either.

Now, maybe they can weed whip or chalk ballfields?

Something outside and supervised.

Of course no access to employees or the network, an empty desk, supervised if needed, just not allowed to stay home, get paid and have a extended paid vacation.

Get real. If it’s not on the job description, then I don’t think so.