Board votes to close Georgia Brown Elementary School in Paso Robles

January 24, 2024

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District board


The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District voted 6-1 on Tuesday to close Georgia Brown Elementary School campus and disperse students and staff to one of the middle schools starting in the 2024-2025 school year, with Trustee Sondra Williams dissenting.

The decision was made after the state found a potential dangerous geological anomaly under the site of the district’s dual immersion program. Georgia Brown Elementary is a magnet school focused on students speaking English and Spanish fluently by the time they graduate fifth grade.

Recent reports describe rotting beams, mold, roaches and multiple other safety issues at the 36th Street campus.

The board voted to move the dual immersion program to either George Flamson Middle School or Daniel Lewis Middle School to include kindergarten though 8th grade, to have the remaining elementary schools include 6th grade, to spend no more funds on the temporary campus, and to move 7th and 8th grade to the remaining middle school.

The board directed staff to look into which of the two middle schools would be the top choice for 7th and 8th graders and which should house the dual immersion program. The board plans to meet in two weeks to make their decision.


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They are interviewing a new superintendent after hiring a headhunter group for massive amounts of money and all the candidates are LOCAL.

Money well spent – not.

4 of the board members are up for election this year. Time to clean house and start fresh. Get some thinking people in there.

Once again, Paso Robles school district proves that they don’t care about students and their education. Nor do they have any idea what goes on in classrooms in the district . I guess it’s too cozy sitting in their offices and amassing wealth at the expense of students.

Not sure i agree with your first comment, there appears to be a safety issue with the current building and costs to remedy are not feasible. As for you remaing comments, not having any idea and just sitting and amassing wealth, unfortunatly they are all too true.

The school is indeed, unsafe, however, the plans for upgrading/rebuilding Georgia Brown, have been in the works for years. They were slated to be next after Bauer Speck. Why did the district wait so long to begin, and find the anomaly at the last minute. And, what happened to Measure M funds? The district and board are not putting students first, as their mission statement says.

It’s not about what goes on in the classrooms, but what is happening to the classroom itself.

Enough shifting and displacement has occurred, that the building isn’t repairable. To fix the seismic problem, would require the entire school be razed, the ground fixed (unlikely), and a new school built.

That’s a ton of cash. Maybe two tons.

Better, would be to relocate students for now, and find a more suitable place for a new school in the immediate future.