Paso Robles police investigating multiple shots fired at residence

January 7, 2024


Paso Robles are investigating a shooting on Friday night in which multiple shots were fired at a residence on the north side of town.

Shortly before midnight, a caller reporter hearing shots fired near the intersection of 36th  and Park streets. Officers arrived to discovered an occupied dwelling had been struck by gunfire.

Officers determined multiple rounds struck the residence, and some penetrated all the way
through to the living area.

The investigation is ongoing. The Paso Robles Police Department is asking anyone with any information to call (805) 237-6464. Persons wishing to remain anonymous are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers’ 24-hour hotline at 805-549-STOP or by texting “SLOTIPS” plus your message” to CRIMES (274637).

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The north side of 24th Sreet is known as the drug gang side of Paso Robles. It is unsafe to be in that area after dark.

maybe if the city invested into all parts of the town equally Vs Rich neighbor hoods, over development, and the lame Downtown, things like this would occur less.

You do know the most advanced elementary school is on that side of town, apartments that cost 3 grand a month, and houses selling for 700k. also, It is Safe. Why not come up here and tell John Ham this keyboard opinion? Come to council, we do have Billionaires here as tealing water and contaminating it who do Jack All to help the town they profit off of; as all rich usually do.

and it is completely safe. I felt way more unsafe living in Slo SPECIFICALLY due to Cal Poly students; ie, rich white males; assaulting and harassing me and other normies in Slo. Scariest place I have ever lived, and I’ve been to Slums in the biggest cities around the Globe. I’d rather walk down a slum in Beijing vs ever being alone in Slo; which I always carried a knife and Mace.

I am more afraid of getting harassed by Paso PD than any other normie here as well; Their PD has an insane track record of rape and cover ups and assaults and all our criminal behavior. That goes for any cop; I’ve met maybe 1 good one out of 100, and he was not white, hence, probably why he had compassion.

36th & Park? ‘Nuf said… I was leaving a Bob Dylan show at the fair in the 80’s with a Paso girl when she told me about this neighborhood, no way I said. She ordered me to drive there. I’ve been to the ghetto in South Central and Oak-Town, they have nothing on Paso.