SLO County developer sends clandestine texts, denied bail

January 8, 2024

SLO County developer Ryan Wright


San Luis Obispo developer Ryan Wright’s clandestine texting backfired and he lost another bid to get out of jail. Inmates are barred from sending private texts from a federal jail, but that apparently didn’t stop Wright, according to court records.

Wright, who allegedly bribed SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, is being held without bail because of concerns he will flee and continue to obstruct justice. Federal judges have twice denied Wright’s motions for release with his latest loss on Jan. 2.

On Dec. 29, Wright’s attorney Gerald Salseda filed a request for his immediate release with conditions, arguing it is “illegal to detain him because there is no serious risk he will flee.” Wright has repeatedly said he will self-surrender if indicted, according to his attorney.

Salseda also noted that pretrial detention is not permitted solely on a finding of dangerousness.

Wright’s first attempt for release on bail failed after prosecutors found issues with several people who were offering to post portions of his bond, including Anne Cyr, Wright’s trust attorney. Cyr has refused to comply with a subpoena from the government to obtain billing records and trust documents related to a trust in which Wright is a beneficiary.

Before the Jan. 2 hearing, prosecutors filed multiple documents detailing their reasons Wright should remain in jail until his trial, including evidence that he sent clandestine texts from jail and that he appears to have access to $250,000 through a trust.

During his detainment in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Los Angeles, Wright’s calls to friends and family members are monitored. During calls with his brother Chris Petetit, his mother Colleen Wright, and his friend Trevor Lady — Ryan Wright appears to be sending texts, according to Bureau of Prisons employee Oscar Rojo.

“Some inmates set up a text service through their email which circumvents our monitoring procedures,” according to Rojo. “It’s not allowed but they did it anyways. Reading the conversation you attached below this inmate may be using a text service or he has access to a cell phone.”

Portions of Wright’s recorded phone messages:

Chris Petetit: Uh nothin’ new just been out all day. Does uh— d-do you get— can I text back to the one that you text me on?
Ryan Wright: Yeah, yeah.
Chris Petetit: Or you can’t.
Ryan Wright: Yeah you can, you can text back.
Chris Petetit: Ok, cool.
Ryan Wright: Yeah you can text back.

Ryan Wright: Did you get that— did you get a message?
Mom: No sir, I have not.
Ryan Wright: You didn’t get a text?
Mom: Nope, I don’t believe so, let me look… Um…
Ryan Wright: It’s from a number you’re not gonna know, so.
Mom: No I have not.
Ryan Wright: Okay, it’s comin’. You go— you got the one before right?
Mom: Ummm hold on… Yeah, um… Hold on, let me find it… to me, flipping… Yeah. Yes, yes,
yes… Um… Yeah,
Ryan Wright: So you did— you d— so you did get the message.
Mom: Yes and I… returned all the—
Ryan Wright: So I just sent it to you like a couple hours ago.
Mom: Yeah and I, replied right away.
Ryan Wright: Okay so, alright, so, any — I’m— I’m sorry I don’t know— I-I-I just don’t think we’re communicating. So you did get it, I got it.
Mom: Yes.
Ryan Wright: So y— okay. Th-th-th-there’s another— so, okay, good I’m glad you’re gettin’ ‘em ‘cause I— I— I don’t have the service to send it so, anyhow. Gettin’ to ya though. So that’s good.
Mom: Okay baby.
Ryan Wright: Th-th-there’s— there’s another one coming to you, that’s kind of important so, pay— if you can pay attention to it. And then um, keep messaging me back right away.

Trevor Lady: Uh, it just says, 2-0-2, like Washington, D.C. The first time I was talking— or I was— I was talkin’ to a, bails guy, um. But Jason had given me a number. And I was just worried I was like fuck is that the FBI is this weird and then I got the, voicemail like, the— the recording and then I talked… talked to Ann and she was like oh that’s—that’s Ryan, and then like, the last two days I’m like fuck. Yeah. Just let him know I’m tryin’, I just fuckin’, happened to have missed it. So I’m glad I caught you man.
Ryan Wright: Sixteen guys at my door, with shotguns. You know. Uhh, I’m sur— I-I-I’m not surprised at all over the press up there. Um, I don’t know if they have a video or not. Semi-automatic ruffle— rifles and shit I’m like, it was— it was unbelievable. So u-uunbelievable. It’s like they— same what they did to Roger Stone, outside of his house. Minus the me.
Trevor Lady: Unnecessary.
Ryan Wright: And we’ve b— we’ve been tellin’ ‘em that I would come in whenever— you know— i-if-i-if that’s what they wanna do? I would just come in and self-surrender. Hundred percent.

Even though Wright has refused to disclose information about his assets, John Pena (one of Wright’s alleged victims) shared information about his trust and his attorney Cyr.

Pena agreed to be a surety for Wright on a proposed development project in Orcutt. Santa Maria developer Ben Nikfarjam wanted Wright to pay him $250,000 Wright owed him for the project.

“Wright told Pena he would pay Pena back with his own money,” Pena told federal agents in November, according to a court exhibit. “Ann Cyr provided Wright with personal and business advise. Cyr was going to get Wright the $250,000 of his money. Wright had money that he was not supposed to touch. The FBI wanted him to touch the money and was going to “fuck” Wright. Wright wasn’t supposed to touch it, but he would so he could pay Pena back.”

Shortly after Wright lost his request to be released on bail, his attorney filed a motion for reconsideration.

Wright is facing 21 charges, including bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy. His trial is set for May 14.

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Short range cellular jammers could be set up at all jails and prisons, rendering blackmarket phone worthless, not sure why they don’t install them.

“ It’s not allowed but they do it anyway” – Oscar Rojo, Federal Prison Guard

With top notch people like that guarding these prisoners I’m not surprised when a high profile inmate like Epstein turns up dead.

Ryan Petetit Wright is good friends with Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson.

And Donald Trump was good friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

As was Bill Clinton and many other Democrats. These boys on trial look more like the Bidens and their money laundry schemes running in the millions. If you going to call corruption and friends tied to it, call it all out.

Chlo, don’t forget Tom Fulks and Heidi Harmon with their close ties to all of this.

Was…You can’t be good friends with a dead man.

“It’s not allowed but they do it anyway”….they are criminals idiot. They are incarcerated for doing things that are not allowed.