Adventist Health buys 2 hospitals in San Luis Obispo County

February 29, 2024


Adventist Health has agreed to pay Tenet Healthcare $550 million for Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo and Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton. The purchase includes the related physician practices and imaging centers.

Adventist Health is a faith-based, nonprofit, integrated health system serving communities on the West Coast and Hawaii. It operates 26 hospitals while providing outpatient care at more than 400 clinics.

“We are excited to increase our footprint to the beautiful Central Coast of California,” Kerry L. Heinrich, president and CEO of Adventist Health, said in a release. “We are committed to partnering with Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Twin Cities Community Hospital to expand services, and we will work together to serve our mission of increasing the availability of care for communities in this region.”

The sale, expected to close in the spring, requires regulatory approval.


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My mother received excellent care at Adventist hospitals in Florida.

This is a gigantic story for the County. “Non-profit” in healthcare simply means you pay no taxes, but in return you must provide a public benefit. The Tenet hospitals have always provided MORE healthcare to the indigent and housed the profit-losing centers because of community benefit ( these are facts, not opinion). The litmus test will be when Adventist identifies the losing units and how it deals with them. Then we will see their true colors. I am very concerned.

Adventist Health outsources jobs – taking what SHOULD be good paying, living wage careers and shipping those jobs overseas to ineffective call centers. Not only does this expose our vital health information to underpaid call center people, but also to data breach!

Adventist health also claims to be a non-profit while charging astronomical prices for Healthcare that should be free. Healthcare is a human right. Healthcare is human decency.

Adventist should pay taxes on the millions they steal from the sick every year.

Actually, there payor mix is likely dominated by MediCare and Medi-Cal, taxpayer funded programs, so they’re not just stealing from the sick, but every well bodied tax payer.

Their not there

Is Adventist Health affiliated with the Seventh Day Adventist Church? As a for employee of Twin Cities, Tenet was all about the money and screwed over their staff, especially RN’s by illegally not giving them breaks, not paying them for incremental overtime, allowing nurse bullying to flourish, etc. etc. I hope Adventist Health treats their employees better!!

Spent a week in one of their hospitals and it put others to shame. It was more like a decent hotel than dismal hospital.

Can’t get much worse at twin. Hopefully it will improve for both staff and patients.

Anything ironic about a faith based organization owning a science based medical facility?

No, none at all. My mother was treated at the John Wayne Cancer Center located at St John’s hospital. They are one of the premier cancer treatment centers in the U.S. and they saved her life. So much for your “irony…”

Dignity Health Hospitals, one of biggest systems in the Western US was formerly known as Catholic Health Care West and earlier Sisters of Mercy.

Bert. No irony at all. “Science” is merely man’s (woman’s/whatever’s) desperate search to understand what “faith” makes evident. Ipso/facto…. the wisdom of the world is foolishness in God’s eyes.

The ironic thing to me, if you can use that word, was the more deeply I studied science the more awestruck I became with the majesty, intricacy, and creative design of not only the human body, but the universe itself. So there is no disconnect between faith and medicine. These are not Christian Scientists after all, whose treatment consists of problem denial.

Don’t worry… there won’t be a bowl of holy water at the door…,