Atascadero police searching for suspects in grocery story theft case

February 14, 2024


The Atascadero Police Department is asking the public for help identifying a pair of men tied to a thefts at local grocery stores.

Officers are investigation a string of misdemeanor thefts at Vons and Food 4 Less. The police department is circulating surveillance images of the two men pushing shopping carts inside the grocery stores. 

Officers ask that anyone who recognizes the men call (805) 461-5051 and select option five to speak with dispatch.


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I’m surprised the usually incompetent Atascadero Police Dept. is even looking into these cases. I once witnessed a man walk into Von’s in Atascadero pick up a case of beer, and walk out. When I notified an employee, they said it happened everyday, and that same man had done that many times, and that the Atascadero Police don’t even respond. Because of this crazy $950.00 no consequences law, it is literally not against the law to steal. Our society is absolutely nuts!

No great loss if he was stealing BudLight.

They know there are no consequences if the theft is under $950. Who makes up these ridiculously stupid laws???

You get what you vote for. Part of it, voters voted for that. Part of it is who is elected.