California’s bong sale misses the mark

February 27, 2024


In an attempt to recoup the more than $14 million a group of cannabis companies owe in back taxes, the state held an auction selling items such as glass bongs (water pipes), snow cone machines and shelving seized from the delinquent businesses. The auction, however, netted California a paltry $2,075. [NorthBayBusinessJournal]

Held on Feb. 16 in Los Angeles, this was the first time the state attempted to sell cannabis retail items such as bongs at auction.

Compliance personnel seized items from 10 businesses located in Southern California. Proceeds from the auction is slated to help pay off the delinquent taxes.

Since the state began overseeing cannabis businesses, it has conducted 2,200 inspections and seized $90 million in products and cash, according to the tax agency.


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Hear that?… Its my scull… I’m so wasted… but seriously bongs were invented to increase the rush from 1970’s era weed… today’s pot is already too strong… how someone could do a full hit from a bong of today’s pot I will never understand…

Thanks for sharing how much of an expert you are on “today’s pot”. Don’t you think you are a little old to be getting stoned on a regular basis? Maybe stick to drinking your Metamucil.

This is what happens when greedy local government raises tax on cannabis sales from 18%-35%. Now pot shops cannot afford to do business in SLO County

Somebody should let Heidi Harmon know about the sale. She could probably use a couple new bongs.