Firefighters rescue a Central Coast cow stuck in the mud

February 13, 2024


Santa Barbara County firefighters on Monday rescued a large cow stuck in the mud following a mudslide at the Dos Pueblo Ranch in Goleta.

Late Monday afternoon, a rancher discovered a “Ronvey” Swiss alp cow trapped in mud, and called first responders. Crews utilized an ATV to get into the canyon and then embarked on a hike down and across the ranch.

“Firefighters reported the cow appeared severely exhausted, on the brink of collapse, after potentially being trapped for up to a day due to a minor mudslide,” according to firefighters. “The five-hour rescue in deep mud involved digging, prying, rolling, and using wood planks for leverage. The cow was freed from the mud.”

Once freed, firefighters covered the exhausted cow with a blanked to keep it warm as it rested.

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And why are we paying some of these guys a quarter million dollars a year to dig out cows???

Yeah SLOpoked, just let it lie there and die? Do you have any pets?

With their scheduled OT, it’s way more than a quarter $ million.

So, you are of the opinion that an animal that spends its whole life serving the needs of humans is only worthy of a slow and painful death? These creatures are sentient, and they are worthy of decent treatment. I respect them more than I do some humans, who only care about themselves. We are responsible for what happens to them, if we wish to control their lives to our benefit. That is the very least respect we can give them.

Not to mention what a moral booster it appears to have been for the guys who risk their lives for us on a daily basis.