SLO County alleged embezzler’s diversion program terminated

February 29, 2024

Norman Hibble


More than eight months after he was arrested for resisting an officer, the former San Luis Obispo County employee currently battling 12 felony embezzlement charges is also facing a misdemeanor resisting charge.

On June, 24, 2023, sheriff deputies arrested Norman Hibble for resisting arrest – a charge that he resisted or delayed deputies from performing their job. The court then granted Hibble misdemeanor diversion, a program that allows those charged with certain crimes to have their case dismissed upon completion of a typically 12-month court-ordered diversion program.

The program, however, requires participants stay out of further legal trouble.

During the past week, the court terminated Hubble’s diversion and added the resisting charge to his embezzlement case. He is scheduled for a further arraignment on March 14.

Last week, the SLO County District Attorney’s Office filed 12 felony embezzlement charges against Hibble, 54. Over 7 years, Hibble allegedly used a county credit card to purchase personal items estimated at more than $100,000. The items include an electric scooter, a crossbow and camera equipment.

County administrators fired Hibble on Jan. 5. The county plans to seek restitution if Hibble is convicted, including severing his pension.

Last week, Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera reduced Hibbles bail from $350,000 to $250,000.

On Thursday, Judge LaBarbera further reduced Hibble’s bail to $100,000 on the embezzlement charges. With the addition of the resisting charge, Hibble’s bail is currently set at $105,000.

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I can’t believe someone would be so dumb? Did he really think he would not get caught?

What did the county do with the other half billion dollars in the annual budget? Just getting tired of this look the other way management diversion. I’m sure that many others are tired of bad news too. Let’s push for good news and squelch this look the other way budget. Give me a break, it takes years to pin someone for misappropriation of funds and we paid how much to catch a documented robbery.

Does anyone know a bail bondsman willing to take an electric scooter, a crossbow and camera equipment as security for $105,000 bail?

I think this sort of thing is far more prevalent and has been going on far longer than anyone realizes. Years ago it was a charge on a county credit card at a lingerie shop in London. Yes, London, England. An electric scooter purchased locally might be slighly easier to justify.

I just find it incredible that in an organization of that size they lack controls that you would find in a private company 1/1000th the size of the county. Makes you wonder about what doesn’t get caught.

This dipshit should have all his money and possessions seized and sentenced to live on the streets like an animal. He had a chance at a good life but chose to steal from you and me.

Yes and those who mismanage internal controls allowing this to even happen should be held responsible as well. Seriously, no one catches the purchase of an electric scooter, a crossbow and camera equipment? Who knows what else is going on in this county department…in other departments?

This was in November, I’m sure the Board of Supervisors has taken quick, decisive action to prevent our tax dollars from fraud, waste, and abuse. Oh wait, it’s the SLO Board of Supervisors who can’t agree on anything of substance. They are too busy with more important matters: musing about a Child Care Center from the 1990’s, licking the boots of marijuana growers, planning to gut Prop 13, finding ways to duck the vote on the Bob Jones trail connector, and touching up the “two face” makeup for the Dana Reserve project. Our Board has more important things to do than safeguard our precious tax dollars.

How about a thorough, independent fiscal AND performance review of the Information Technology Department, including project audits and a fiscal review of its countywide slush fund? Maybe? Oh, after we hear about running a Child Care Century last century, etc. ad nauseam? Don’t hold your breath…

Do they even hire college grads anymore….or just high-school drop outs?

The kind you find working at WalMart with tatts all over their body and green hair.