SLO County supervisors to discuss hiring a new administrator

February 15, 2024


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hold a special meeting on Friday to discuss the appointment of a new county administrator, according to an agenda posted Thursday.

In Nov. 2023 , the SLO County Board of Supervisors voted to fire then Administrative Officer John Nilon because of allegations of sexual misconduct. During his short tenure, multiple county employees and others accused Nilon of inappropriate touching.

Nilon, whose first day was May 1, 2023, was appointed on a 3-2 vote, with supervisors Debbie Arnold and John Peschong opposed. Arnold felt the county had not properly vetted Nilon, while Peschong felt his salary was too high.

The special meeting is scheduled for Feb. 16 at 8:30 a.m. at the county building. The supervisors plan to discuss the appointment in closed session.

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Chewing on this some more, it’s an interesting omission by the author, in June, the Board on a 5-0 vote extended Mr. Nilon’s contract. So the initial concerns (from the story) by Sups Peschong and Arnold must have been satisfied by Nilon’s 3 months of performance on the job. Very satisfied or they would have begun the job search, right?

Maybe settle all of the lawsuits first, so you don’t need to raise $300k/year on parking and tax increases.

How about a cheap one?

I think it’s a good time to employ an AI CAObot that IT can maintain.

Whoa there a-little bit. I read all the public records request info the Tribune published on Nilon and despite my initial glee to get rid of a creep, I have come to the conclusion that, based on what I read, this guy might have gotten railroaded.

First no employee complained that he inappropriately touched them. County Counsel said, “There are no written complaints.” During his first week, two female employees noted that Nilon briefly touched them: one of them on the back as they were negotiating a small cubicle and the second noted that she was briefly touched on the back when Nilon held the door for a number of employees entering an office. Neither complained that it was inappropriate. There were no further notations of Nilon touching anyone. That’s it.

Nilon was never accused of asking for sexual or romantic favors. In fact no one said that they were ever asked to go to coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner. No one was followed on social media. There is no accusations of sexual harassment. That’s it. 

From what I can tell, nothing that was done by Nilon rises to the occasion of an employment action. 

Whoever they hire, the new CAO needs to constantly look over their shoulder. The record shows the current Acting CAO Rebecca Campbell took copious notes of every thing Mr. Nilon said or did that she disliked. This was the foundation of the “evidence” against Mr. Nilon. Interestingly, Campbell was the Assistant CAO and competed against Mr. Nilon for the interim CAO position and lost to Mr. Nilon. She then spent six months taking notes on Nilon and then after Nilon’s dismissal, Cambell became the Acting CAO.  

My guess is that the new CAO will be Grover Beach City Manager, Matthew Bronson. He’s Ortiz-Leggs’ darling. He runs a small 2 square mile city with a $18 million budget; so he should be easy to control by the Board. Campbell won’t get the job because the Board knows she’s a backstabber. The recruitment was too quick to be a national recruitment, despite Board promises. So that leads one to conclude that they’ll be going local. We’ll see.

I have a judge who has children and is divorced and is under the courts guidance for her children make a decision about my son and was On ONE be in it her monthly or what and made life altering decisions and ignored Utter evidence of me being a victim of revenge porn, My child’s mother abusing my son; 6 crowns, 16 days missed school, Nudes sent to me etc. No One Gives A FK

Kevin, I’m sorry to hear about your matter and the suffering of your child.

I understand that courts can amend custody and support orders. Perhaps that is an avenue to follow.

Best Wishes