Grandfather shot and killed in parking lot of California Walmart

February 16, 2024

Jonathan Mauk


Following an accident described as a minor fender bender, a woman allegedly shot and killed a man in the parking lot of a Southern California Walmart earlier this month. [ABC 7]

On Feb. 5, Jonathan Mauk, 59, headed to the store in the San Bernardino County city of Highland to buy soda and salt to make homemade beef jerky for his family. Mauk was backing up his Camaro in the Walmart parking lot when he collided with Shawntece Norton, 37, vehicle.

A witness said Mauk thought he was at fault, so he got out of his car to apologize. Then the suspect shot him.

Norton allegedly fled the scene following the shooting. Officers arrested her the next day.

Mauk’s son, Matthew Mauk, examined his father’s car after the deadly shooting and only found a scratch on the fender.

“There is a scratch on the fender,” Matthew Mauk said. “There is not a dent, there is no real damage. There is a scratch. That is the extent of the collision that he lost his life over.”

Jonathan Mauk was a father of three sons and two grandchildren. A gofundme campaign is raising money for his family. 


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The problem isn’t guns, the problem is that liberals have fostered a culture where violence and lawlessness is acceptable, even excusable. Their war on spirituality & a higher authority along with constant denigration of national unity and common values has promoted division, tribalism and victimhood. Erosion of morality and the social fiber that binds us together results in selfishness instead of selflessness. It’s no surprise that this assault on our heritage and culture leads to lawless people who feel no sense of responsibility to their fellow citizens and country. Sometime around the 1970’s we stopped teaching our children that with great freedom comes great responsibility.

“Their war on spirituality” We just don’t want deluded cult teachings forced down our gullets or our children’s, muslims hindus and the rest have no right to force us to their standards, we have freedom this is America.

“Erosion of morality and the social fiber that binds us” No 1950 no longer the standard, we live our own lives.

Sometime around the 1970’s we stopped teaching our children to mind there own business. Persecution fetish is a thing.

I’m speaking for myself obviously, but all these shootings that get reported EVERY DAY in America on our News, I hate to say it but I have grown totally oblivious to them. Random and mass shootings are so common now that I tell myself, this is the price we pay for living in America, get used to it. Our politicians really don’t want to do anything about it, except offer their anal response “Thoughts and Prayers” or “Citizens need MORE guns”. I have no answer. I just change the channel or read something else.

Thank you for at least admitting to avoiding caring. That is what the rest of them, those who voted me down for instance, are doing, but pretending they actually believe the situation is caused by not being “tough on crime” and other ridiculous excuses for the obvious. They care more about their gun fetish and what the rest of their “team” thinks of them than they do about the lives that are lost every single day in this country.

Yes, there are far too many guns but the problem is if you criminalize gun ownership, only criminals will have guns. They are criminals! And have no regard for the law. Law abiding people will give up their guns and have no way to defend themselves against criminals with guns.

That is the standard argument. But people who are not criminals would not be denied guns. Standard NRA BS. That organization was a very honorable one in my youth. That was before the weapons manufacturers turned it into a sales propaganda arm.

No one is trying to take away all guns, they would just be more regulated. Less guns overall would mean less would get into criminal hands. Less would be shipped over the border to terrorists in Mexico and South America, fewer people would be forced to flee their countries due to the lawlessness and murder there.

It so happens that far fewer gun crimes happen in countries with better laws regarding deadly weapons than what we are currently experiencing. And it is just getting worse. There is very little actual “self defense” going on in this country compared to the rate of violent crime we have facilitated with our current policies. The more guns, the more crime. How complicated is that?

Guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, guns. guns, guns, guns, guns…

There are nearly 400 million guns on American streets. It’s actually amazing this doesn’t happen a lot more often.

Plus, our gun manufacturers have sent tens of millions of guns to Latin America, causing an exodus of residents from those nations who inexplicably believe they will be safe in the U.S.

Until SCOTUS overturns Columbia vs. Heller (look it up), this nation will be awash in guns, and murder.

Hmmm… Hard to understand how this can be happening. Everywhere. All the time. Weren’t we told how peaceful everything would be if everyone had guns?

Perhaps we could rethink that one. Especially since this latest experiment is turning out about like the last one. It was a while back. You may have heard of it. It was called the “wild west”, and I believe there was a good reason why it was terminated.

But then, I guess there are a lot of people who like things this way. I mean, how thrilling, knowing you can take a life (or several) at any minute? I’m sure this keeps those terrified school children on their toes. And what better way to prepare them for our ultra competitive society? Yes, and who can get too relaxed, knowing that one (of, apparently many) “bad apple” could take them out at any time?

Toughen up Americans. This is our daily dose. This is the taste of “freedom”.

Maybe there should be “gun boxes” on every corner like there used to be phone booths. Then everyone could be armed when trouble starts.

With great freedom comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, some individuals and certain demographic groups in America are disinclined to be responsible for their own behavior. The “Wild West” ended when society pushed back against lawless feral conduct by implementing more law enforcement, more territorial prisons and more outlaws dangling at the end of a rope. Those measures worked to tame the wild & wooly unruly West, perhaps it’s time to re-institute measures we know that actually work.

More prisons than we already have? Well, I guess, why not? Why not have all our money go into keeping the rest of us in prison? You are aware, I assume, of how expensive that actually is.

If we wanted to do something that actually works in all of the other developed countries, we would have stricter gun laws. However, most of the crowd that comments here are not in favor of the obvious answer, but rather the rhetoric that originated directly from the weapons manufacturers, whose profits from all of this are truly staggering.

Most of that same crowd now categorizes a violent and deadly insurrection as a “peaceful protest” and the primary instigator as their political savior. They are speaking often of “civil war”. They refer to this as the reason to proliferate even more guns into our society. All whilst referring to themselves as pro law enforcement. All the while profiting guess who?

I’m just not convinced that arming more people has led or will ever lead to anything but enriching the death merchants further. Hanging or imprisoning? We already have more people in our prisons than just about any other country on the planet. So, not convinced that is working either.

Nope, I don’t think there is any better answer than to treat modern weapons like what they actually are, rather than the single shot muskets about which the founders ruled were not to be denied to the members of a “well-regulated militia”.

Due to soft on crime policies, the San Bernadino Area has become extremely unsafe and dangerous. Esp, for women after dark.

Arguments and fist fights over parking spaces happen all of the time in SoCal.

People who back into parking spaces and then exit the parking lot driving the wrong direction in a one-way lane are discourteous and short-sighted.

Wrong way driving in a parking lot doesn’t warrant someone being shot and killed.

I’m not sure why, but it seems that parking lots are natural catalysts for human conflict. Perhaps it has to do with the antagonistic conditions that occur when people are engaged in claiming territory or because of the inherent inequality and danger involved when pedestrians and motorists are in close proximity and have to share the same space.

First I’m very sorry for your loss and this is a example of how crazy this country has become No wonder no one wants to help strangers anymore. This lady should never get out of prison

What the heck is wrong with our society that a 37 year old woman gets out of her car with a gun over a parking lot fender bender? Why did she even have a loaded gun in her car? This is a sad story.

I read that he got out of his car to apologize but whether she was in or out of her car was unclear. Either way, she may have shot him because she was in fear of her life. This can happen and will be followed by a thorough investigation. Her speeding off was either an admission of guilt or a flight reflex. Good luck, allot of fact finding to follow.