Vote Heather Moreno SLO County supervisor, for a balanced approach

February 9, 2024

Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno


As a resident and business owner deeply concerned about California’s homeless crisis and its impact on San Luis Obispo County, its human cost, and its effect on public safety, I am proud to support Heather Moreno as District 5 supervisor. Heather’s leadership as the mayor of Atascadero has demonstrated a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, particularly when it comes to the multifaceted issue of homelessness.

Heather recognizes the diverse nature of the un-housed in our community and has successfully implemented a balanced approach. Under Heather’s guidance, Atascadero has proactively collaborated with the county’s Community Action Team, embedding mental health and crisis workers with law enforcement to provide essential help to vulnerable individuals within the homeless community, all while enhancing public safety.

She has significantly increased resources by hiring a second officer and a part-time mental health worker, working in tandem with a case manager from the ECHO Homeless Shelter. These efforts, combined with the enforcement of local laws, have fostered a situation where more people are accepting services, finding housing, or receiving shelter.

Recognizing that homelessness is a complex issue requiring collaboration at various levels, Heather will emphasize the importance of a similar collaborative, compassionate, and strong approach at the county level, just as she has done in Atascadero.

As our San Luis Obispo County District 5 supervisor, Heather Moreno will bring the same pragmatic and compassionate approach to the county seat, working to address homelessness, alleviate its impact on public safety, and seek innovative solutions that benefit our community. I am confident that Heather will be an effective and dedicated leader in tackling one of our community’s most pressing challenges.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Heather Moreno’s balanced and responsible approach has earned her the respect of both homeless advocates and the endorsements of law enforcement, a testament to her ability to bridge gaps in the pursuit of a better community. I enthusiastically endorse Heather Moreno for 5th District Supervisor, knowing she will continue to be a unifying force for positive change.

Adam Verdin is a business owner, pilot, attorney and San Luis Obispo County resident.


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Remember Funk was on a totalitarian far-left crusade to shutter gun shops during the pandemic for no reason besides her bias.

Maybe just ahead of her time. January 6th, 2025 may provide ample evidence of her foresight.

The problem with the homeless is the majority like the drugs and alcohol rather than live by “the rules”. I’ve worked directly with homeless and they don’t want to get help, they like getting high better. That’s the reality.

I thought they just put them on a bus to San Luis Obispo.

She has done a good job in Atascadero and seems to understand that all we want is for government to work efficiently and leave us to live our own lives in peace. She is a kind personality and may return much needed decorum when the guys tantrum there. I think it’s her time now.

“may return much needed decorum”

Wow, sexist, much?

First, it is long past time to move on from “do nothing Debbie.” Poor Debbie is still trying to win the political battles of yesteryear.

Sounds like Moreno stands for practical government. Like a physician, electeds should pledge “to do no harm.” For me this means don’t grow government. First, figure out what really needs to be done, a step forgotten in SLO. Then do it effectively. The prior CAO brought Lean Six Sigma to the county. This is a proven methodical approach that’s goal is to eliminate waste. Moreno would represent us well by embracing lean government.

Case in Point, the county’s failed homeless efforts. The county currently spends, on an annual basis, around $14,000,000 per year. At last count, there are roughly 1,400 homeless. That’s a lot of money. Yet, the county has no clue… throwing money around as if that’s doing something. I like Moreno’s concept of a performance audit on the homeless efforts.

Oklahoma Safe Parking is the poster child of knee jerk governance. Ill thought out and without a plan, Gibson launched what we now call, Bruce’s Boondoggle. The result: unsanitary/unsafe conditions, fires, sexual/physical assaults, rampant drug use and death. Sadly, more than our tax dollars that were wasted…it was human lives that were lost. Please SLO supervisors, “do no harm.”

I’m for practical government. Sounds like Moreno is too!