McLintocks restaurant closed after nearly 40 years in Arroyo Grande

March 14, 2024


F. McLintocks Saloon and Dining house in Arroyo Grande closed Wednesday after nearly 40 years in business. McLintocks’ locations in San Luis Obispo and Shell Beach remain open.

With rising costs – such as food and insurance – McLintocks decided to end their lease and close the Arroyo Grande location, according to an interview on Up + Adam with Adam Montiel with Jay Britton, vice president of F. McLintocks. COVID-19 closures and bridge repairs in 2020-2021 that limited access to their parking lot negatively impacted the Arroyo Grande location.

In 1973, F. McLintocks opened its first restaurant in Shell Beach. Two years later, the company opened in San Luis Obispo. The Arroyo Grande location opened in 1984.


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Sad to see it go, good memories of Monte Mills and the lucky horseshoe band playing in the parking lot during the strawberry festival.

The city council had wanted the Strawberry Festival gone for awhile, they finally succeeded.

Small business in California are being killed by Gavin Newsome’s $20/hour minimum wage.

To be perfectly honest, I thought that place had closed years ago. I predict the one in downtown SLO will be next, but Pismo Beach will live on forever!

They would have to start serving breakfast!

Sad, we always enjoyed the location but the last time we were there it was clear management was no longer paying the same attention to the details, things were slipping, it seem the decsion to close was made some time ago, just waiting for the date to be finalized.

I still miss the McLintocks in Paso Robles. It’s where all the locals went to have a beer or two. They had some pretty good food also.