Proposition 1 too close to call, campaign back on

March 19, 2024


Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mental health ballot measure, which had appeared to be on pace to pass, remains too close to call, and opponents of the initiative have revived their campaign against it. [Cal Matters]

Proposition 1 would authorize $6.38 billion in bonds in order to build mental health treatment facilities, as well as to provide housing for the homeless. 

On March 12, one week after the primary election, opponents of the initiative conceded the measure would likely pass. However, on Monday, the anti-Proposition 1 campaign withdrew its concession and revived its fight against the ballot initiative. 

As of late Monday, Proposition 1 was narrowly passing with about 19,700 more votes for than against. That margin came as 7 million ballots had been counted, and approximately 220,000 were left to be tallied. 

Late last week, Newsom’s political action committee put out an appeal for volunteers to reach out to Democrats who had their ballots rejected, whether for mismatched signatures or other reasons, in order to fix them and get them counted. 

Opponents of Proposition 1 responded by saying the move was sleazy and an attempt to manipulate the final tally by harvesting the votes of only Democrats in certain areas. Nonetheless, the anti-Proposition 1 campaign said it was launching a similar effort and refocusing its website to help voters confirm their ballots were counted, as well as to assist voters whose ballots were rejected.

Election analyst Paul Mitchell said about 42,500 voters have time to fix signature problems with their ballots. 


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I totally enjoy the convenience of early voting by mail. I have NO concern whatsoever of any riff raff or malfeasance of my ballot or any other ballots despite some from the far right claim… The only “bummer” of voting by mail early IMO, is that a few times I have changed my mind. I originally voted in favor of Prop 1 but on the day of the election I would have voted No.

It’s hard to justify being against anything reasonable to help address the mental illness ( and street living folk) in California as we are reminded DAILY of the crises. No matter how many “facilities” we build, it will be useless unless we change and loosen the laws to allow us to hospitalize and treat those unable to consent for their own good. Law enforcement and the legal system need to be free to remove these folks from self harm. And the public needs to be protected.

Too close to call?… how long ago was the primary?… if you need help counting ask for it…

Hmmm these Fixing Signatures don’t sound legit. Why in the world would they not match in the first place if they were signed by the correct voter?

We received more that 1 mail in ballot for each of us! And of course we shredded the 2nd ballot pack! I wonder what everyone else receiving 2 ballots did? I was shocked to see more than 1 sent to us in the first place. Leading to unfair illegitimate voting possibilities?

Why just the Democratic vote? How unfair is that? The State needs to be transparent with the over 30 Billion we have already received from the Feds, to “House the Homeless”. I have not seen any of the actual Homeless housed with that $. Have you? Would that bill take control away from Local Counties and give it to the state?

Med-vacations, known as Medcations are very common. Money would be saved if the facilities were built in China, by the Chinese were the drugs that push people over the edge originate. At least this would better facilitate choices, awareness and never need to camp along the shoulder of a freeway.