Atascadero police warn against motorcycle riding in the Salinas riverbed

April 12, 2024


The Atascadero Police Department is issuing a warning to the public about the escalating practice of illegal motorcycle riding in the Salinas riverbed. 

In recent months, there has been a surge in unauthorized motorcycle activity in the riverbed area, according to the city of Atascadero. Officials say motorcycle riding in the riverbed violates local ordinances and state laws; endangers public safety; and endangers the ecosystem of the area.

Motorcycle activity in the riverbed presents a severe safety hazard to riders, equestrian riders, pedestrians and nearby residents. The rugged terrain and unpredictable conditions increase the likelihood of accidents, potentially causing serious injuries or fatalities, officials say. 

Environmentally, motorcycle riding in the Salinas riverbed can cause soil erosion, damage vegetation and disrupt wildlife habitats. Likewise, the loud noise generated by motorcycle engines disrupts the tranquility of the area, causing disturbances to nearby residents and wildlife, according to the city.

Atascadero officials are committed to working closely with law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders to quickly address the issue. Officials ask that residents report any instances of illegal motorcycle riding in the Salinas riverbed to the Atascadero Police Department by calling (805) 461-5051.

“As stewards of our community, it is incumbent upon all of us to uphold the law and protect the natural beauty and safety of our surroundings,” the city stated a news release. “Together, we can preserve the integrity of the Salinas riverbed for future generations to enjoy.”


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As a local rider, and a fan of the flora and fauna of the Salinas, in its large entirety, Dirybikes absolutely raise hell in this landscape. There shouldn’t be any tracks there. The tiny amount of preserved space should be kept preserved, as it is A PRESERVE. minus this counties complete inability to house the poor or help mentally I’ll homeless veterans and others living in the Salinas. The damage is evident, I doubt anyone who says it’s fine has literally no idea of biology and the basics of science. Just the other day, saved a king snake from getting run over as kids tore up wet soil down there.

Go to Pozo, to to tracks. Go to the Dunes with the Valley folks. This resource is our water bank, and when you ruin it, it’s done forever. Back in my day arguments are vein and ignorant. Ask our local Fish and Game authority Matt Gill what he thinks about this, guarentee he’d tell people they’re commiting crimes if they do this. Beavers and wildlife over a few rich kids ripping up land imo

Meanwhile riding in the river in San Ardo, King City, Greenfield, Salinas not doing any damage.

I almost forgot year round use of military equipment in the tributaries and in the Salinas at Camp Roberts also OK.

I don’t think the local NIMBY fascists are going to get any support on this BS .

No riding in the riverbed you might disturb the residents living under the bridges and in the brush, piling trash, human waste, plastic bags, bottles, cans and used needels.

Why are the cops so quick to warn the dirt bike riders while completely ignoring the homeless population in the riverbed and the negative impact that has on residence, wildlife, & environment?

So, it’s okay for homeless encampments with trash, drug needles, camp fires, shelters, etc. to be in the riverbed; but not a few occasional dirt bikers. It’s just seems to be another example of double standards.

Total Bullshit!!!

Kids shouldn’t be riding their dirt bikes in the river bed like they’ve been doing for decades without this non existent damage that’s being claimed!!!

They should be hanging out downtown, drinking and doing drugs like normal kids!!!

This about all the LA transplants and Karen’s whining about the noise:(

You’re encouraging children to use drugs illegally, and encouraging children to use drugs legal or not formed adults, and promoting this as “normal”, I’m truly worried this isnt a joke; as you cant interpret intention; I’m guilty of this, but that its allowed to be posted and what I’m assuming are adults, think kids should use drugs as nuero underdeveloped people; this to me seems equivocal of the moral equivalent to suggesting to kids it’s ok to have unprotected sex, run across the 101, burn down buildings, shoot people, sell drugs, work for a DoD weapons contractor, kill cats, and wear peoples skin?

And to justify riding any recreational vehicle on virgin preserved land for fun, knowing what you’re doing, is relative to everything I just said. If you only knew how long it took yo make this Preserve, if you only knew, youd dedicate your life saving it in repentance. Minus all the native artifacts on atascadero everyone ignores.

Ancient mortars everywhere and no ones cares. Literally tripped over one with my son on a hike. Carbon dating says, what 100 years. It’s like you lived I’m Cairo, and it was “fun” to blow up the sphynx, do some cocaine and molly, cause you 16 and Fk it. My mom says its OK.

And the RWQCB justifying dozens of no-show six-figure jobs.

My Atascaderan and Roblen friends will tell you “that’s pretty much what we did growing up”. Good, clean fun, cops not interested in good kids out riding.

So let me get this right, riding a motorcycle in the river bed is bad? Yet homeless encampments, with all the trash, human waste, etc is ok? Kids have been riding motorcycles in a river bed for years. So, homeless encampments ok, taking resources away from actual crime fighting ok. Our priorities are really messed up.

My 4 year old daughter found a hypodermic needle in a local parking lot, but let’s work to stop kids riding their dirt bikes. We’re done here.