San Luis Obispo County sees unemployment rate drop

May 19, 2024


Unemployment tumbled in San Luis Obispo County in April even though the region lost about 1,000 jobs during the past month, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

A 1,600 person reduction in the workforce drove the unemployment rate down to 3.5% in April, from 3.9% in March. In April. 2023, the jobless rate was 2.9%.

Over the past month, the largest employment increases were seen in the hospitality sector, which added 300 new jobs, related to dining establishments and accommodations.

San Luis Obispo County is ranked fourth out of 58 California counties for lower numbers of unemployed workers. SLO County’s unemployment rate matches the national average of 3.5% and is lower than the state’s 4.8% rate.

In California, San Mateo at 3.3% has the lowest unemployment rate and Imperial County comes in on the bottom with an unemployment rate of 15.7%.


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The unemployment rate is a antiquated factor. The unhoused rate is a reality check that better reflects the community’s viability. Not everyone can afford to live here, even with 100% employment in a tourist and education economy.

Summer jobs… not careers…

Actual unemployment, or fewer unemployment insurance claims?

Because one, does not equate the other.