San Luis Obispo MMA fighter knocks out opponent in first professional fight

May 22, 2024

Steven Sainsbury, photo by Chris Havens @ Icaptureviolence


San Luis Obispo Mixed Martial Arts fighter Steven Sainsbury won his first professional match last week by knocking out the “Boogeyman” in the second round of the “Lights Out Extreme Fighting” event in Long Beach.

Sainsbury entered the octagon against Steven O’Bryant on May 18 with a three-inch reach advantage. However, his opponent had put on 24 pounds since their weigh in the morning before the fight, and Sainsbury was given the option to call the fight. He didn’t.

The odds makers gave Sainsbury only a 12% chance of winning.

The welterweights taunted each other during the start of the first round. By the end, Sainsbury, whose face was dripping blood, appeared to have a slight edge.

Steven Sainsbury, photo by Chris Havens @ Icaptureviolence

With a minute and a half left in the second round, Sainsbury landed one punch after another until O’Bryant fell to the ground.

The fight trended on mutiple platforms, with more than a million viewers worldwide.

Steven Sainsbury, photo by Chris Havens @ Icaptureviolence

“One thing I have is a lot of heart and self confidence,” Sainsbury said. “I am super humbled and blessed to be here.”

As a result of the win, multiple promoters are asking Sainsbury to compete at their events. He will need a few weeks to recover before he competes again.


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Tough way to make a living, but congratulations Steven. Hope to see you in one of the big UFC fights very soon.

Congratulations Kid,

Nice job.

Congrats on a big first win…

Just don’t go “Chuck Liddell” on us…

And for whatever reason, cock fights are illegal? There needs to be some minor rule changes to legalize cock fights, like the loser must be eaten by the spectators.

How can anyone vote this down? It’s funny!

Colonel Sanders gets it.