Man threatens people with loaded shotgun, arrested in Paso Robles

June 28, 2024


A 46-year-old Paso Robles man landed in jail after he pointed a loaded shotgun at two people near his home on Thursday afternoon.

Shortly after 3 p.m., two victims reported that the man pointed a loaded shotgun at them during a verbal argument at 2605 Theatre Drive. Paso Robles police officers later located the suspect,Nocolas Wayner, at his home on Theatre Drive.

During their investigation, officers found the loaded shotgun, a short barrel rifle, mutiple non-serialized guns, and several other firearms. Officers booked Wayner in the San Luis Obispo County Jail for attempted assault with a firearm, possession of an assault weapon, possession of a sawed-off shotgun and for possession of a ghost gun. He is no longer in custody.


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Ya gotta think about the people who get automobile windows tinted. If it’s hot and sunny I wear sunglasses and crank the AC, the cops, or my enemies tho I don’t think I have any, can still see the inside of my car.

Park your car in the north county sun in the morning then jump on the leather seat at 2pm wearing shorts and you’ll understand why we tint our windows.

Why does anyone need to see in your car, unless their looking to steal from you.

I’m not splitting hairs here but how did the victims know the shotgun was loaded?

I always assume a gun is loaded but the only way to know, is to check or to have seen him load it.

The ghost gun is in the picture but can’t be seen.

Oh Paso. Self described, morally upright Paso. Home of patriot freedom fighters.

The Supreme Court will be jumping in to action to bail this guy out.

I can’t speak for the shotgun, (or the wreck less behavior) but the rifle on the left with a blue post it is a Winchester model 290 .22 rifle. This was the first firearm I ever received almost 60 years ago and I still have it and it shoots just fine.

Neither of the shotguns in that image, are “sawed off”. Both are factory barrels, and of legal length.

The one rifle barrel, is questionable, but it does looks more like a pistol barrel, as it is not mangled like someone messed with it.

Well, he blew it. California will drop the hammer on him and he loses his second amendment rights unless he pays big dollars for an attorney.

Hmmmm… Brandishing a loaded weapon at people in the street, in possession of several illegal weapons, including a “ghost gun” which is the convenient weapon of choice for criminals, and your concern is that he will “lose his 2nd Amendment rights”? Seriously. One can only hope.