San Luis Obispo transient convicted for selling drugs and trespassing

June 15, 2024

                                                               John Patric Montgomery


A San Luis Obispo County jury has convicted a transient, whom police officers arrested earlier this year, of possession for drugs for sale and trespassing.

On March 6, dispatch sent San Luis Obispo patrol officers to the 1100 block of Higuera Street for a trespassing call. Officers arrived and found Jordan Patric Montgomery trespassing on the property of a private business, according to police.

Police arrested Montgomery, a transient who resides in SLO, for trespassing. Officers searched Montgomery’s property and found drugs and paraphernalia.

Montgomery, 62, was found to be in possession of 12 containers of methamphetamine, 49.55 grams of methylsulfonylmethane, four narcotics pipes and $176 in cash, according to the SLO County District Attorney’s Office. Methylsulfonylmethane is used for coating containers holding methamphetamine to prevent the substance from sweating insider the container. Additionally, it is used as a cutting agent.

Previously, Montgomery received two citations in a month’s time for trespassing on the same property where officers arrested him.

Montgomery’s sentencing is scheduled for July 10 in the courtroom of Judge Crystal Seiler. 


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Judge Crystal a weak-on-crime judge, so I’m sure she will give this drug addict a slap on the wrist. Earlier this month, she sentenced an convicted embezeler

who stole millions from numerous people to probation, it’s sickening.

Throw guys like this in jail, they might wake up after a timeout.

C’mon…her real name is Crystal Seller and she’s a soft on crime judge??!!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Jail = Housing, food, health care, drug rehab, all in the most expensive way possible. But if it makes you feel superior…