Daily Briefs

Oceano Dunes air pollution study released

The long-awaited study by the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) on the Oceano Dunes has finally been issued and the first public workshop is scheduled for next week. The report, released Monday, suggests that the high levels of dust being... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly car gets 2,752 MPG

A team of Cal Poly mechanical engineering students is prepping a high-mileage, three-wheeled car for national competition. If all goes as planned, the vehicle will deliver 2,752 mpg–more than than 13 times higher than what General Motors claims their Chevy... (Continue reading)

Loaded guns now allowed in national parks

A new law takes effect today, allowing loaded guns in major national parks and wildlife refuges, including Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. [Los Angeles Times] The law lets licensed gun owners bring in firearms as long as they are allowed... (Continue reading)

Cambria playhouse threatened with closure

The Pewter Plough Playhouse, currently in its 34th season, may soon be facing a final curtain, unless building owners can raise funds to install a new fire sprinkler system. County officials and the Cambria Fire Department are requiring the community... (Continue reading)

Tracy residents to pay for 9-1-1 calls

Residents of Tracy, located in northern California, will now have to pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency. [CBS 13 News] The controversial measure was approved by the city council last Tuesday. Two options are being offered.... (Continue reading)

More (alleged) sex in Arroyo Grande

If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck, and talks like a duck, is it really a prostitution scam? That’s the question Arroyo Grande police were asked to decide earlier this week. The basic facts: Last Wednesday, an... (Continue reading)

U.S. state pension funds face $1 trillion shortfall

A new report warns that U.S. states currently face a total shortfall of at least $1 trillion in their funds for employees’ pensions and retirement benefits. And the problem is rapidly worsening. [Reuters] The New York-based Pew Center released the... (Continue reading)

Consensus: Central Coast lacks business support systems

While the Central Coast is a beautiful place to live, it fails to provide some of the community support systems required to help entrepreneurs thrive in San Luis Obispo County, according to a consensus of three business owners at the... (Continue reading)

CalPERS retirements up

State and local government employees in California are retiring in record numbers. Experts suggest an aging workforce, cutbacks in positions and pay, and the economic downturn are all factors. [Calpensions] Since last July, retirement applications at CalPERS are up 21... (Continue reading)

State senator seeks Reagan statue for 100th

A bill has been introduced in the California State Senate calling for the erection of a statue of Ronald Reagan to mark the former governor and U.S. president’s 100th birthday. [The Daily Sound] Republican senator Tony Strickland, whose district includes... (Continue reading)