Do sulfates in wine cause headaches?

By JOHN SALISBURY “I get a headache from the sulfites in the wine but when I go to Europe and drink their wine, I don’t get them because they don’t use sulfites,” some say. Not so. There is a lot... (Continue reading)

Kid Rock shows musical chops at fair gig

By COLIN JONES If someone said I could be any rock star I wanted, I would probably take Sammy Hagar. After attending Wednesday’s Kid Rock concert at the California Mid-State Fair, I may have to reconsider. The Kidster, born Robert... (Continue reading)

Travel: Following Custer to the Little Bighorn

By DAVID CONGALTON On a steamy hot June afternoon in 1876, Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer, who graduated last in his class at West Point, rode off into the history books as the commander of the worst U.S. military defeat... (Continue reading)

Mount Rushmore: Four heads are better than one

By DAVID CONGALTON There are two places in this country that everyone should experience before they exit. One is the Grand Canyon, and the other has to be Mount Rushmore. Rushmore has drawn millions of visitors from around the world,... (Continue reading)

Weekend spotlight: Arroyo Grande Valley Car Sho

By KARLEE PRAZAK Brush off the old Chevrolet Bel Air, fill up the gas tank and lace up your dancing shoes because the Central Coast has everything from concerts to a car show to offer this weekend. As part of... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

By MIRANDA FORESMAN Leave the kids at home. Have a responsible glass of wine or bottle of beer. Go to the cinema, get good seats, and see the most depraved good time you can have in a movie theater this... (Continue reading)

Steve Miller gets fair off to rocking good start

By COLIN JONES For Central Coast music fans, does it get any better than late July at the California Mid-State Fair? Where else except maybe the Chumash Casino do we regularly get headliner entertainment year after year…with plenty of corn... (Continue reading)

Weekend Spotlight: Mid-State Fair

By Karlee Prazak It’s that time of year again, when big name musicians share the limelight with not only cattle, livestock and equine shows but with fried foods, beer gardens and carnival rides. That’s right; the California Mid-State Fair is... (Continue reading)

Monkees get high and dry on sixties nostalgia

By COLIN JONES We all live in the past to an extent but some groups like the 1960s TV band sensation the Monkees take it to the extreme. Their recent gig at the Chumash Casino proved that baby boomer nostalgia... (Continue reading)

California sweet potatoes get a late start

Sweet potato lovers, take heart! Your little, nutrient-rich tubers are doing just fine. After a slow start because of unusually wet weather, the crop, which thrives in warm, tropical climates, has begun to flourish again. [Merced Sun-Star] Unseasonably wet weather... (Continue reading)