Black bear: Shoot to kill

Department of Fish and Game officials have decided that a black bear, the subject of repeated sightings around San Luis Drive, needs to be caught and euthanized. [KSBY] A resident on Andrews Street, who claims the bear has been a... (Continue reading)

CalPERS’ $11 million legal payment scrutinized

An $11 million bill for legal fees associated with an internal review of the California Public Employee’s Retirement System (CalPERS) is drawing criticism. LATIMES CalPERS, the nation’s largest public pension fund which oversees $232 billion, paid a Washington, D.C. law... (Continue reading)

Treasurer worried about high-speed train funding

California’s top financial official is warning that the numbers are not penciling out for the proposed controversial 800-mile bullet train system. [California Watch] State Treasurer Bill Lockyer says that the $45 billion rail system is brimming with “unanswered questions: about... (Continue reading)

Black bear raids third San Luis Obispo chicken coop

A black bear with a history of eating backyard chickens in San Luis Obispo is facing the threat of euthanasia. [KCOY] On Sunday, during the bear’s fourth trip to SLO in less than two weeks, it broke into another chicken... (Continue reading)

Templeton husband and wife accused of child molestation

A Templeton husband and wife were arrested for the alleged repeated molestation of a male relative under the age of 14, according to a sheriff report. Donald Baker, the former nursing director of the intensive care unit at a Templeton hospital,... (Continue reading)

Testimony shines light on medical marijuana battle

A former Atascadero resident testified Thursday that large marijuana growers hide behind the cover of medical marijuana while growing hundreds of pounds of illegal weed to sell for big bucks on the black market. [NECN] “Everybody’s in this for money.... (Continue reading)

Suspected drunk driver kills bicyclist in Arroyo Grande

A man from England was killed Saturday night after a suspected drunk driver traveling at a high rate of speed lost control and crashed into the bicylist in Arroyo Grande. [KSBY] The driver, identified as 20-year-old Aaron Ceja of Nipomo... (Continue reading)

Willie Nelson’s Country Throwdown coming to Pozo Saloon

By KARLEE PRAZAK In what appears to be the largest one day musical event San Luis Obispo County has ever experienced, Willie Nelson’s Country Showdown, featuring 16 artists playing full sets on three stages, will rock the Pozo Saloon on... (Continue reading)

Dumb criminal of the month, child pornographer

Our dumb criminal of the month award goes to a 31-year-old man who disclosed on his application to become a California Highway Patrol officer that he viewed child pornography on the Internet. As a result, CHP officials launched an investigation... (Continue reading)

Grand jury says Atascadero needs more transparency

Atascadero’s handling of its $126,000 settlement with former Chief of Police James F. Mulhall “led to public confusion and complaints” about lack of transparency, according to a report released Thursday by the San Luis Obispo County grand jury. “There was... (Continue reading)