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Civil rights violation will cost ASH (and you) a grand

Two Atascadero State Hospital employees violated a patient’s Constitutional rights in 2004, a federal judge ruled in December. ... (Continue reading)

COMMENTARY: Oh, my. What a month we have had!

We knew when we first posted that UncoveredSLO.com would attract readers. We worried whether just two of us would be able to generate enough solid reporting to keep those readers. ... (Continue reading)

Rabenaldt to Morem: You’ve been lying all these years

UncoveredSLO.com asked the outspoken elected city official Bill Rabenaldt to tell our readers first what he really thinks. By BILL RABENALDT 2/15/2008 After Bill Morem’s Valentine note to me in yesterday’s... (Continue reading)

Director’s policies plague Probation front-liners

Agents and officers of the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department have been burdened by policies of the department’s director which endanger the public in general and law enforcement agencies in particular according to... (Continue reading)

FBI launches Atascadero City Hall investigation

2/15/2008 Federal investigators will probe activities at Atascadero City Hall, according to City Attorney Brian Pierik. Pierik issued an unusual press release late today revealing... (Continue reading)

An intriguing Cal Poly/Saudi project if you’re not a woman, Jewish, or gay

WANTED: Cal Poly engineering professors for cushy overseas assignment in upscale, sunny, beach-like environment.... (Continue reading)

Coming soon to your SLO town: The Minutemen

She feels both a sense of excitement and apprehension about introducing into the San Luis Obispo County culture the newly-formed Central Coast Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.... (Continue reading)

A timeline for every agenda

Atascadero City Manager Wade McKinney will tell the city council Tuesday that federal reconstruction funds for the city’s youth center were acquired through appropriate means. ... (Continue reading)

WEEKEND BULLETIN: Secret probe eyes Atascadero cop ..discrimination..

An internal investigation has been launched by top level Atascadero officials into complaints made by male officers in the city’s police department... (Continue reading)

One big cost that never goes down: public retirement benefits

While California’s housing market has been swirling down the drain, the state’s largest public retirement system has been enthusiastically investing hundreds of millions of dollars into a more promising real estate market… south of... (Continue reading)