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Paul Flores assaulted first day in general population at prison

By KAREN VELIE Paul Flores, the man convicted of killing Cal Poly San Luis Obispo coed Kristin Smart,was stabbed in the neck during his first day in the general population at Pleasant Valley State Prison. After less than a week... (Continue reading)

Paul Flores attacked in prison, condition not public

By KAREN VELIE Update: Paul Flores was airlifted to a hospital after he was stabbed in the neck or his throat was cut. Paul Fores was attacked today at Pleasant Valley State Prison and airlifted to a hospital. He was... (Continue reading)

Marijuana mogul Dayspring spotted in SLO County with ankle monitor

By KAREN VELIE Former marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring appeared to be at ease last week while running errands in San Luis Obispo County after his March release from prison. On Aug. 15, a neighbor of Dayspring spotted the 37-year-old entering... (Continue reading)

Teens were intoxicated during vandalism at Paso Robles High School

By KAREN VELIE The two 17-year-old students who smashed windows and damaged property at Paso Robles High School on Aug. 10 were intoxicated, according to their fathers. With a week left before school was scheduled to start, the two teens,... (Continue reading)

Misinformation incites outrage at Atascadero school board meeting

By KAREN VELIE Dozens of people attended an Atascadero Unified School District meeting on Tuesday to support a teacher who was allegedly facing disciplinary action over a Pride flag she displayed in the classroom, concerns based on misinformation. The inaccurate... (Continue reading)

SLO High School coach Jeff Brandow fired amid sexual misconduct allegations

By KAREN VELIE Amid sexual misconduct allegations, the San Luis Obsipo Unified School District Board vote unanimously to fire head basketball coach and history teacher Jeff Brandow during a closed session meeting on Tuesday. Rather than directly terminating Brandow, the... (Continue reading)

Parents accuse SLO High officials of enabling sexual misconduct, video

By KAREN VELIE The mother and the sister of an underage student at the center of a San Luis Obispo High School sexual misconduct investigation accused school officials of protecting the alleged perpetrator during a district board meeting on Tuesday.... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit threatens San Luis Obispo over diluting Latino voters

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Obispo may have to change the way its residents elect City Council members. The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project is threatening to sue the city if it doesn’t voluntarily change to a district-based election system,... (Continue reading)

Oceano officials take issues of civility to the courtroom

By KAREN VELIE Disagreement between Oceano officials over policy and civility have advanced from the community to the courtroom with one district official seeking a restraining order against another district official. Oceano Community Services District has battled allegations of harassment,... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay facing garbage rate increase, city will profit

By KAREN VELIE The Morro Bay City Council voted Tuesday to move ahead with a 20.20% to 38.58% increase in garbage rates. City residents have already seen hikes in water, sewer, gas and electric bills. Countywide, multiple garbage companies have... (Continue reading)