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Felons, investigations and residency issues mar SLO County politics

By KAREN VELIE With many divided along political lines, felons, people charged with misdemeanors, others under investigation for corruption and a mayor who has not lived at her city address in six months are on ballots in San Luis Obispo... (Continue reading)

Couple caught in SLO chief’s lost gun fiasco headed to trial

By KAREN VELIE District Court Judge Tim Covello has ruled that a video recording made during a warrantless search of a San Luis Obispo County couple’s home can be introduced in their child neglect trial paving the way for their... (Continue reading)

SLO County’s coastline rising, while Santa Barbara County sinks

By CCN STAFF Rising sea levels do not impact all communities along the coastline of California equally, as some communities are rising while other areas are sinking, according to NASA. Because of thermal expansion and melting ice sheets and glaciers,... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo County officials spar over campaign limits

By KAREN VELIE In a 3-1 vote that led to name calling and accusations of criminal acts, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to limit campaign candidate donations to $25,000 per contributor, with Supervisor Bruce Gibson... (Continue reading)

SLO Mayor Harmon accuses district attorney of voter suppression

By KAREN VELIE In a scathing letter to District Attorney Dan Dow, San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon accuses the county’s top prosecutor of voter suppression based on her belief Dow filed charges against a man, not because he violated... (Continue reading)

Atascadero man arrested for shattering glass on a child

By KAREN VELIE CHP officers arrested an Atascadero man Friday who allegedly smashed a car window onto a 4-year-old boy during a protest in San Luis Obispo on July 21. Prosecutors have charged eight protesters for a variety of alleged... (Continue reading)

Officers aware of mistaken identity, raid SLO County home anyway

By KAREN VELIE A San Luis Obispo County probation supervisor testified that he told officers who were about to search a couple’s home to look for the police chief’s gun, that they got it wrong. Supervising Deputy Probation Officer Jeremiah... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo woman hoping to get her cat back

By KAREN VELIE When San Luis Obispo resident Kelly Anderson lost her cat Maulks in late August, she never thought she’d have to fight to get her beloved cat back. Anderson was surprised at the community support she received after... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach City Council candidate accused of rape

By KAREN VELIE A Grover Beach City Council candidate has a long criminal history that required him to register as a sex offender for five years. Both a former spouse and a cousin have accused 44-year-old Fred Buenrostro of rape.... (Continue reading)

Who is attempting to rig the jury in the Tianna Arata case?

By CCN STAFF After attending rallies supporting protesters’ assertions they did not break the law when they blocked traffic on Highway 101, attorneys representing SLO protest leader Tianna Arata are requesting that a judge impose a gag order on both... (Continue reading)