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Grover Beach City Council candidate accused of rape

By KAREN VELIE A Grover Beach City Council candidate has a long criminal history that required him to register as a sex offender for five years. Both a former spouse and a cousin have accused 44-year-old Fred Buenrostro of rape.... (Continue reading)

Who is attempting to rig the jury in the Tianna Arata case?

By CCN STAFF After attending rallies supporting protesters’ assertions they did not break the law when they blocked traffic on Highway 101, attorneys representing SLO protest leader Tianna Arata are requesting that a judge impose a gag order on both... (Continue reading)

Oops, San Simeon built a water facility on Hearst Ranch property

By KAREN VELIE It was the dream of fresh water that bedazzled San Simeon Community Services District officials: water that did not taste bad during dry spells because of high chloride levels. Build a reverse osmosis unit and have drinkable... (Continue reading)

SLO County marijuana mogul accused of fraud, again

BY CCN STAFF Six months after FBI agents raided his home on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo, marijuana mogul Helios Dayspring is facing allegations of fraud and breach of contract from one of his partners. William Szymczak, 81, formed... (Continue reading)

Research study undercuts APCD Oceano Dunes dust claims

By KAREN VELIE A preliminary report from the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography casts additional doubt about the need to reduce dust blowing from the Oceano Dunes onto the Nipomo Mesa. Analyses of airborne particulate samples show that blowing sand... (Continue reading)

Sweeney leads high-dollar SLO fundraising race

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo business owner Cherisse Sweeney is outpacing incumbent Mayor Heidi Harmon, while small business consultant Abrianna Torres has a huge lead over other city council candidates in a high-dollar San Luis Obispo fundraising battle. As... (Continue reading)

Attorney says SLO police did not do a “good faith” search

By KAREN VELIE In a new court filing, the attorney for Cheyne Orndorff and Vanessa Bedroni is challenging a claim by police that they acted in good faith when they conducted a warrantless search of the couple’s home. That search... (Continue reading)

SLO city attorney’s end-around makes challenged police video public

CORRECTION: Christine Dietrick did not initiate settlement talks, and did not propose sentencing changes. By KAREN VELIE City Attorney Christine Dietrick gave a Tribune reporter a police video as lawyers argued over its admissibility in court on Thursday. The newspaper... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly accused of overlooking football player’s bullying

By KAREN VELIE Allegations that Cal Poly quarterback Jalen Hamler was bullying business owners in San Luis Obispo shocked many, but not a former supervisor at the university’s food court. Samuel Hammond had called university police multiple times to report... (Continue reading)

Spring at the Oceano Dunes lasts 6 months, according to the APCD

By KAREN VELIE To support their determination that vehicles on the Oceano Dunes are polluting the air on the Nipomo Mesa, scientists affiliated with the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) are now claiming spring lasts from... (Continue reading)