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French Hospital responds (weirdly) to our article.

French Hospital respondes to UncoveredSLO.com’s Jan. 27 article on French Hospital with this statement to Dave Congalton’s 920 KVEC radio show. Please also see our commentary below.)... (Continue reading)

Storm winds as environmental vigilante? County questions billboard rebuilding

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Posted 1/30/2008 Powerful winds ripping across San Luis Obispo County in recent weeks battered, bent and broke numerous billboards along the Highway 101 and Highway 1 corridors, and now... (Continue reading)

More underhanded tactics?

It could get ugly. Wal-Mart opponents will try tonight to derail Atascadero City Manager Wade McKinney’s plan to retain an “unbiased” consultant with unmistakable ties to the retail giant.... (Continue reading)

French solicits donations but pays CEO big bucks

Employees at nonprofit French Hospital Medical Center are reportedly encouraged to seek private donors for needed equipment purchases while the facility’s chief operating officer pulls down nearly a million dollars in salary and... (Continue reading)

Mayor Brennler will ask for Attorney General probe

Atascadero Mayor Mike Brennler said Friday night he will ask state investigators to probe allegations that some city officials may have knowingly submitted false data to secure Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reconstruction funds for a youth center.... (Continue reading)

Wade’s One-Fingered Salute

Seeking to soothe the public psyche about collusion and pollution at the youth center, Atascadero City ... (Continue reading)

No one is certain if youth center land is safe for kids

Last week, UncoveredSLO.com reported on misappropriation of FEMA funds by Atascadero city officials to build a replacement youth center on land containing significant levels of toxic pollution.... (Continue reading)

Slain dad’s estate generously enriches his convicted killer

A repeat felon who executed his own father was the recipient of at least $150,000 from the Paso Robles man’s estate, according to a relative who witnessed the financial transactions... (Continue reading)

Atascadero filches FEMA funds, youth center rises on tainted land

Over the past four years, Atascadero city officials conspired to bilk taxpayers out of more than $4 million in disaster aid to construct a replacement youth center under the guise the previous center had been rendered unsafe during the 2003... (Continue reading)

COMMENTARY: Blindly following the PR playbook

Dear French Hospital spokesperson: ... (Continue reading)