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Nipomo man charged with illegal pig butchering

A Nipomo man is charged with illegally butchering pigs at his home on the 1400 block of Camino Caballo. Mariscal Amezcua, 62, is a facing five counts of violating the California Food and Agriculture Code. The former Santa Maria High... (Continue reading)

Local farm laborers, NAFTA, and child labor laws

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY It is time for a little recap on developments on past articles. The first is that the White House, after facing fierce political pressure from Republicans, rural Democrats and farm groups across the nation has backed... (Continue reading)

Abel Maldonado’s mounting tax troubles

Central Coast  Republican congressional candidate Abel Maldonado and his family business are embroiled in a legal battle with the IRS over more than $4 million in taxes the IRS says they owe partially because of allegedly claiming personal purchases as... (Continue reading)

Listeria discovered in Salinas lettuce

Lettuce samples from a Salinas farm have been found to be contaminated with listeria and a recall of bagged salads containing the lettuce has been initiated. No illnesses have been reported. [KCOP] River Ranch Fresh Foods voluntarily recalled packages of... (Continue reading)

Cost of Sacramento Delta water woes

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Here I go again! I was thinking of giving the Sacramento Delta water woes a rest but a fairly recent move, discussed in an editorial in the San Fransisco Chronicle in December, by our old friend... (Continue reading)

California wine fine for China?

Large Asian markets such as China may be in line to become a purveyor of fine California wines if the U.S. government has any say in the matter. Congressman Dan Lungren (R-Gold River) is holding hearings today in Northern California... (Continue reading)

Protecting our water rights

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Up north, we long-time farmers have been hearing a great sucking sound south of us that is going to get a lot louder if the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act, authored by San Joaquin Valley... (Continue reading)

No more methyl iodide distribution in U.S.

A years-long battle by environmentalists to halt the use of methyl iodine as a fumigant for strawberries and other crops ended abruptly when the company producing it said it would no longer deliver it to the United States. [LATimes] Methyl... (Continue reading)

Proposed federal ag child labor regulations overreaching

OPINION By JOHN SALISBURY Mercy, Mercy! Please deliver us from these nanny-state unregulated regulators who have set their sights on agriculture child labor laws. If you have chanced upon my columns in the Avila Community News, Cal Coast News, or... (Continue reading)

Salmonella prompts cilantro recall

Cilantro samples from a Salinas-based company have been found to be contaminated with Salmonella and a seven state recall has been initiated, according to Pacific Cilantro. On Friday, Pacific Cilantro said the Food and Drug Administration found salmonella in a... (Continue reading)