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Board of Supervisors’ land grab

Opinion by TOM and ELSA DAWSON The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is at it again. They appear to be pushing through as many fee increases (read higher taxes) limiting use of private property and slowing economic growth and job creation... (Continue reading)

More safety violations at Maldonado family farm

Since Abel Maldonado announced his plans to run for congress, his 6,000-acre farm in Santa Maria has had three Cal/OSHA citations for issues regarding employee safety. Since the 1990s, Agro-Jal has accumulated dozens of Cal/OSHA violations and hundreds of thousands... (Continue reading)

Central Coast is fungi heaven

The nation’s second-biggest (legal) mushroom producing area can be found on the Central Coast. (San Francisco Chronicle) Only Pennsylvania, where mushroom farming was pioneered, puts to market the volume and variety of edible fungus that can be found in the... (Continue reading)

Farmers hear warning about global warming

California’s agricultural industry will be faced with making major amendments to farming methods and crop plantings as Earth’s climate continues its warming evolution. [San Francisco Chronicle] “Climate change is stacking the deck,” biologist Stuart Weiss said in an article prepared... (Continue reading)

Avocado and Margarita Festival, event photos

Morro Bay celebrated two of its best-loved products, avocados and margaritas, on Saturday at the sixth Annual Avocado and Margarita Festival. Find local events as at CalCoastNews’ Event Calendar. If you would like to buy a high-resolution print of any of... (Continue reading)

22,400 marijuana plants seized near Nacimiento Lake

Federal and San Luis Obispo County law enforcement officers raided three marijuana grows with a total of 22,400 plants west of Nacimiento Lake in the Lime Mountain area on Thursday. No arrests have been made and the pot has been... (Continue reading)

E. coli found in Salinas lettuce

Romaine lettuce samples  from a Salinas farm  have been found to be contaminated with E. coli and a recall was voluntarily initiated by the producer on Sunday. Canadian food inspectors notified Tanimura & Antle producers that a check of the... (Continue reading)

Worker shortage threatens state crops

By DANIEL BLACKBURN A plaintive, years-long cry from California farmers worried about an adequate supply of harvest laborers now is being heard statewide as the prediction – often scorned by critics — begins to materialize. And while the looming shortage... (Continue reading)

Photos of the Mid-State Fair annual cattle drive

Tradition lived on in Paso Robles Wednesday as the annual cattle drive through city streets signaled the start of the California Mid-State Fair. A riderless horse was led along the route in memory of the late George Randolph Hearst Jr.,... (Continue reading)

Indestructible tomatoes explained

Consumers have known for years that tomatoes from the grocer often taste bland, have bad texture, and can be as hard as baseballs. And while it is no mystery that the fruit was the result of scientific tinkering to create... (Continue reading)