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ASH employees violently assaulted

An Atascadero State Hospital patient spent the night in San Luis Obispo County Jail following a violent assault on two ASH employees that left one in the hospital. Two psychology technicians were attempting to break up an altercation involving two... (Continue reading)

ASH fined for assaults on employees

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health fined Atascadero State Hospital $27,000 for an ongoing pattern of patient assaults on employees. A Cal/OSHA investigation determined that from January to September patients caused an average of 10 injuries per month... (Continue reading)

Young San Luis Obispo man falsely charged?

OPINION By JIM GRIFFIN A good-hearted young man, active for economic and social rights for all here in San Luis Obispo, Austin Sarna (nickname Smokie), has been charged by the SLO police and the SLO County District Attorney with attempted... (Continue reading)

Man throws tirade in downtown SLO salon

A San Luis Obispo man entered a downtown salon Tuesday evening and threw products, chairs and display items all around the business. Police first received a call about Samuel Dabill, 33, around 9 p.m. when witnesses reported seeing a man... (Continue reading)

Ether rapist sentenced to 156 years

An inmate charged with being the “Ether rapist” was sentenced this month to 156 years in prison after pleading guilty to nine charges of rape. Howard Bruce was serving a 64-year sentence for attempting to blow up a police officer’s... (Continue reading)

Robber assaults SLO residents with baseball bat

A 32-year-old San Luis Obispo woman who was caught burglarizing a unit at the Sagrado Corazon Townhomes on Casa Street beat two residents with a baseball bat on Sunday. At about 9 a.m., the residents awoke to find Sandra Lee... (Continue reading)

Man stabbed several times at Heritage Ranch

An attacker stabbed a man several times during an argument Thursday evening at Heritage Ranch outside of Paso Robles. [SLO Tribune] Sheriff’s deputies are searching for the suspect, who fled before they arrived at a home on Eagle Point lane... (Continue reading)

Paso Robles woman strikes driver in road-rage incident

California Highway Patrol officers arrested a Paso Robles woman and her 19-year-old son following a road rage incident that became violent. [Tribune] Irene Martinez, 39, was headed south on Highway 101 when she cut off Randall Griffin as both drivers... (Continue reading)

San Miguel man stabs party crasher

A San Miguel man allegedly stabbed an aggressive party crasher on Monday night,San Luis Obispo Sheriff officials said. During a party for 19-year-old Benjamin Dealba, who was slated to leave for the Air Force the following day, Jon Richard Dacy,... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo firefighter’s ethics under fire

By KAREN VELIE A former friend and neighbor of John Ryan Mason testified Monday that the San Luis Obispo firefighter had an affair with his wife, and then asked him if they should fight about the illicit relationship. Mason is... (Continue reading)