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CSU summer school students face extra fee

Students registering for summer school classes on the 23 California State University campuses are discovering an extra fee on their bill, raising the cost for a full load by about $1,000. [Sacramento Bee] The new fee translates into as much... (Continue reading)

New CSU websites designed to promote transparency

A recent executive order from Governor Schwarzenegger has prompted many of the 23 California State University campuses to start posting information online about their contracts with vendors, external audits, and financial statements. [California Watch] The governor issued the order last... (Continue reading)

State workers tend to be professors or prison guards

It’s a familiar  refrain heard in any election year: What we really need to do in Sacramento is cut state jobs. Not so fast, according to the nonpartisan California Budget Project which reports that most state workers tend to be... (Continue reading)

Brown to investigate Palin CSU appearance

California Attorney General Jerry Brown announced Tuesday that he will investigate the circumstances surrounding an upcoming campus appearance at CSU Stanislaus by Sarah Palin. [Attorney General’s Office] The investigation targets the privately-run University foundation and allegations that documents relating to... (Continue reading)

State AG asked to investigate Palin speaking fee

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is being asked to investigate the circumstances surrounding an upcoming speech by Sarah Palin at CSU Stanislaus. [California Watch] Palin, the former GOP vice-presidential candidate, is scheduled to speak in Turlock on June 25, the... (Continue reading)

Criticism of Palin’s CSU speech mounts

Increased pressure is coming from all directions, demanding that California State University officials reveal publicly the amount of money former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is being paid for an upcoming speech on the Stanislaus campus. [Orange County Register] University... (Continue reading)

Increase in racist incidents at UC campuses

UC campuses across the state have experienced an increase in racist incidents during the early months of 2010. [Associated Press] At UC San Diego, a KKK-style hood was found on campus, the most recent in a series of incidents targeting... (Continue reading)

CSU Chancellor announces first step toward layoffs

By KAREN VELIE Just three months after California State University (CSU) officials pitched furlough days as an alternative to layoffs, Cal Poly professors received notice of intended terminations. Last July, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed said furloughs would save 6,000 jobs and... (Continue reading)

Chancellor immobilizes Cal Poly’s proposed fee increase

By KAREN VELIE California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed informed California Polytechnic State University President Warren Baker that he will not approve a student fee increase at this time, said Cal Poly Provost Bob Koob Tuesday. Students voted earlier this month... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly College of Engineering budget bleeds

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Red ink sullies Cal Poly’s College of Engineering and the internationally respected educational institution now operates at a deficit for the first time in decades, according to a slide prepared, presented, and distributed by the... (Continue reading)