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Community colleges could offer four-year degrees

California’s community college system is considering offering four-year degrees, a change designed to provide a more prepared workforce. If adopted by system officials, the change would require legislation authorizing community colleges to offer four-year degrees. In addition, each college would... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly task force favors semester schedule

Amid Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students and faculty debates over the pros and cons of switching to a semester system, a recent report recommends leaving the quarter calendar in place to save money. [Tribune] The Semester Review Task Force... (Continue reading)

No added fees for CSU students yet

A fee on so-called “super-seniors” in the California State University system won’t be levied by trustees as expected — at least for the time being. (Sacramento Bee) The proposal on the agenda for trustees Tuesday would have added new fees... (Continue reading)

Malingering CSU students eyed

Trustees of the California State University system will decide next week if fees will be raised for so-called “professional students” in an attempt to open up enrollment for more people. (San Francisco Chronicle) The strategy is to spread a new... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly student battles state over 20 cents

An attempt by a reporter at Cal Poly’s Mustang Daily in San Luis Obispo to get a copy of an email from the California State University chancellor’s office was thwarted over 20 cents. [LATimes] Sean McMinn was working on a... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit targets CSU Prop. 30 campaign

Is there a concerted but perhaps illegal effort afoot to urge California university students to vote for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, using tax dollars? (Sacramento Bee) Howard Jarvis’ Taxpayers Association thinks so. The Sacramento-based group announced today... (Continue reading)

Search starts for new CSU chief

Eight trustees of the California State University system are interviewing candidates for chancellor over the next two days. (Sacramento Bee, CalState) The new boss of the 23-campus system — one of which is Cal Poly — may be among those... (Continue reading)

CSU system to offer online university

The California State University system is slated to launch a system-wide online university in 2013 that could eventually expand enrollment by 250,000 students. [InsideBayArea] Budget cutbacks to California’s state-funded universities have resulted in fewer classes and reduced student enrollment. The... (Continue reading)

Cal State spring admissions open to non-residents only

The California State University system is under fire over its plans to admit higher-paying out-of-state and international students to its undergraduate and graduate programs next spring while barring California residents because of state funding cuts. [LATimes] Earlier this year, Cal... (Continue reading)

College kids fleeing to other states

With tuition on an upward trajectory,  program cutbacks increasing, even while pay for top administrators is skyrocketing, more and more California high school students are looking outside the state for their higher education. And they are finding a warm reception... (Continue reading)