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Cambria’s fire chief firing explained

The reasons Cambria Community Services District’s former manager gave for terminating the fire chief include not informing the service district’s general manager of a tsunami warning, talking to the press, and failing to keep performance evaluations up to date, according... (Continue reading)

Cambria’s fire chief reinstated

Cambria’s Fire Chief Mark Miller will be running the department again on Monday, said Jerry Gruber, Cambria Community Services District interim general manager. [Tribune] On April 12, former general manager Tammy Rudock created a firestorm when she fired Miller. The... (Continue reading)

Cambria’s general manager terminated

In the aftermath of the controversial firing of Cambria’s fire chief, the board terminated General Manager Tammy Rudock’s employment on Friday. [KSBY] On Thursday, almost 300 people arrived at a Cambria Community Services District Board meeting to show support for... (Continue reading)

Catherine Ryan Hyde offers fiction workshop

Here’s an interesting way to help save the local environment, while also learning to become a bestselling fiction writer. Cambria novelist Catherine Ryan Hyde, who knows a thing or two about writing novels that sell (“Pay It Forward,” “Love in... (Continue reading)

Cambria hotel owners file bankruptcy

The owner of the new El Colibri Boutique Hotel and Spa in Cambria filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and has plans to sell one of the most sophisticated retreats on the Central Coast. [PacificCoastBusinessTimes] The Cambria Moonstone development firm filed... (Continue reading)

Sewage spill closes Moonstone Beach

Public health officials closed Moonstone Beach in Cambria Saturday as the result of a sewage spill that occurred at around 12:15 a.m. A mudslide that ruptured water and sewer lines was determined to be the culprit in the 10,000 gallon... (Continue reading)

Cambria playhouse threatened with closure

The Pewter Plough Playhouse, currently in its 34th season, may soon be facing a final curtain, unless building owners can raise funds to install a new fire sprinkler system. County officials and the Cambria Fire Department are requiring the community... (Continue reading)

Theatre Review: Cambria gets “Finishing Touches”

By C.L. ALEXANDER So . . . it’s perplexing to contemplate that only three decades later the 1970s may already represent a bygone era in modern theatre. Jean Kerr’s 1973 play Finishing Touches is most certainly a dinosaur from that... (Continue reading)

Lady Tie Di to pen memoir of “The Otter”

Dianne Brooke, aka former Central Coast radio personality “Lady Tie Di,” plans to write a memoir about KOTR, the eclectic, free form FM station broadcasting from Cambria from 1984 to 1999. Known to listeners as “The Otter,” KOTR featured local... (Continue reading)