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Court eradicates redevelopment agencies

State budget writers can scrub redevelopment funds used by California cities to redevelop blighted areas, the state’s supreme Court ruled today. [LATimes] As a result of the decision, San Luis Obispo County’s five redevelopment agencies stand to lose a combined... (Continue reading)

Judge orders Nipomo landscaper to rehire employees, bargain with union

A U.S. District Court judge ordered a landscaping company in Nipomo to temporarily rehire two employees who were laid off after seeking to organize a union, filing complaints, and offering testimony to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), according to... (Continue reading)

Anti-gay marriage ban backers win one

Supporters of this state’s anti-gay marriage prohibition will be allowed to defend the ban in court after the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously in their favor Thursday. A legal challenge to Proposition 8, passed by voters in 2008, was halted... (Continue reading)

Judge delays appointing De Vaul receiver

In the latest chapter in the Sunny Acres controversy, a judge decided to give San Luis Obispo rancher Dan De Vaul another 30 days before choosing whether to appoint a receiver to oversee his clean and sober living facility. At... (Continue reading)

Attorney General asked to weigh in on judges’ $235,000 benefits

California’s Attorney General is deciding whether the Commission on Judicial Performance can discipline San Luis Obispo County judges for giving themselves perks that total more than $235,000 a year, according to documents and sources familiar with the issue. The commission says... (Continue reading)

Heritage Oaks Bank loans ‘fed the monster’

An appellate court denied Heritage Oaks Bank's latest attempt to obtain assets of Estate Financial Principal Karen Guth, noting that the bank’s actions had harmed investors. Earlier this month, the Second District Court of Appeals upheld a San Luis Obispo County... (Continue reading)

SLO Man accused of murdering his mother appears in court

A San Luis Obispo man accused of murdering his mother and shooting at a police officer with a shotgun, appeared in court Wednesday morning for his arraignment. Judge John Trice granted Christopher Shumey, who was represented by Patricia Ashbaugh, a time... (Continue reading)

Fighting firefighter faces felony trial

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge ruled this week that John Ryan Mason, an off-duty firefighter who brawled at a June wedding, will go to trial. Judge Michael Duffy said there is sufficient evidence for trial to proceed. Mason,... (Continue reading)

Four face hate crime trial

Burning a cross in the front yard of an Arroyo Grande family has earned a trial for four people accused of a hate crime, Superior Court Judge Jacquelyn Duffy ruled Monday. Duffy ruled Monday there was enough evidence to try... (Continue reading)

Woman convicted of murdering a CHP officer seeks new trial

Kaylee Weisenberg was scheduled to be sentenced in a San Luis Obispo Superior Courtroom Thursday morning when her attorney motioned for a new trial. Judge John Trice scheduled a hearing on the motion for a new trial for Dec. 15.... (Continue reading)