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County schools drowning in deficits

Five San Luis Obispo County school districts have made the state’s list of most fiscally endangered, and California Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson said those districts, and more than 180 others in this state, face bankruptcy — a record number.... (Continue reading)

Cuesta College struggles with debt

Cuesta College’s board will decide in three weeks if as many as 50 positions will be eliminated as the institution struggles to close a $3 million budget deficit. President Gil Stork said Tuesday his plan also envisions shaving of courses... (Continue reading)

Fuzzy math should not obscure real progress by SLO City

OPINION By JOHN B. ASHBAUGH, San Luis Obispo City Councilman Here’s a riddle for you: When is a “0” not a zero? Answer: When it’s being deployed by a political activist with an axe to grind. I refer, of course,... (Continue reading)

SLO city salary cuts: $0.00

OPINION By KEVIN RICE A recent public relations blitz from the city of San Luis Obispo lauded $807,000 in compensation reductions voluntarily taken by top management. Our local spoon-fed media then dutifully regurgitated the numbers put forth by the city... (Continue reading)

Paltry pot inventory pushes prices up

Supply, demand, plant mold, and federal busts are pushing up the price of marijuana in California. [California Watch] And braced by threats from the U.S. Justice Department, property owners who rent to dispensaries now face the possibility of their property... (Continue reading)

Time to eliminate the federal corporate tax

OPINION By GORDON MULLIN The unemployment rate remains stuck around 10 percent; higher for youth and minorities. Incomes are stagnant and the greatest wealth creation machine in history, the U.S. economy, is jammed in neutral.  You can hear the gears... (Continue reading)

Mind your own business – Succession planning

By AL BRILL In my last article I discussed the importance of saving and categorizing receipts. Today is Part One of several articles dealing with “What happens if I get hit by a bus today?” or “Are my affairs really... (Continue reading)