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SLO Water Politics vs. The Geopolitics of Food and Water`

OPINION by ALEX ALEXIEV On Aug. 27, SLO county supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill will try to push through an “emergency” ordinance to deal with the purported ground water depletion in the Paso Robles water basin. `According to existing statutes, to... (Continue reading)

Gov. Brown signs business incentive bill

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on Thursday revamping an economic program in an effort to encourage manufacturing and job growth in California. [MercuryNews] Brown initially objected to continuing the business incentives calling the program outdated and inefficient but later compromise... (Continue reading)

SLO council considering another raise for city attorney

The San Luis Obispo City Council will decide Tuesday whether to grant City Attorney Christine Dietrick a 4.5 percent raise in pay based on performance while line level employees salaries are either frozen or facing cuts. On March 27, the... (Continue reading)

Legislature considering increase to California minimum wage

Democratic Assemblyman Luis Alejo is attempting to raise California’s minimum wage by $1.25 over the next three years. [LA Times] Alejo, of Watsonville, is the sponsor of Assembly Bill 10, which could create the first raise in the state’s minimum... (Continue reading)

Bank mortgage settlements slow

Big banks nationwide are scrambling to comply with terms of a $20 billion mortgage settlement with homeowners, but only Bank of America has revealed details of progress with 164,000 of its customers. (San Francisco Chronicle) Officials of BofA said Wednesday... (Continue reading)

Governor predicts tax will set example

More states will follow California’s lead in raising taxes for the wealthy, Gov. Jerry Brown said Tuesday on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley. (Sacramento Bee) Voters approved Brown’s Prop. 30 by a wide margin last week. It... (Continue reading)

SLO builders face steep fees for minor development

San Luis Obispo business and property owners who wish to make additions to their buildings and homes face a common obstacle in the city, higher than usual fees. Though local developers face fees no matter their location, builders in the... (Continue reading)

State’s economy remains mired

A declining rebound of California’s economy is being predicted by the UCLA Anderson Forecast, with fiscal situations on other continents given as the primary reason. (San Jose Mercury News) China’s economic tumble, Europe’s recession and the slow U.S. recovery have... (Continue reading)

California’s uninsured increasing in numbers

California’s uninsured population is among the nation’s highest at 19.7 percent and continuing to increase, according to a new Census Bureau report. Even though nationally the number of those without medical insurance fell from 16.3 percent to 15.7 percent in... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach streamlines development review process

In an attempt to attract new businesses to open in Grover Beach, the city council voted last week to update its municipal code to ease development restrictions and costs. [SantaMariaTimes] City officials agreed to revise city codes to allow more... (Continue reading)